Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) Internship: Summer 2015 Beijing, China

William Glover - October 2015

During my internship in Beijing, China this summer, I worked as part of the International Affairs Department for the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC).  As part of the internship I was given the tasks of creating material to provide to potential foreign investors who were looking to access the Chinese capital markets as well as editing and reworking the final copies of public statements, speeches, brochures, and emails written in English that were made by others in the association both while I was there as well as before I arrived. 

What I enjoyed most about the work experience was that I was given a real responsibility, in that I was asked to create original content and lead a team in creating a brochure from scratch.  The brochure was made based on research and opinion my team and I found and put together and I was able to choose the directions which we would organize the brochure and what content we were going to use in order to best get the information across.  Our goal was to create a resource for international investors wanting to better understand their options as to how to best gain access to the Chinese capital markets and navigate the rules and regulations in place for both international and domestic investors or solely meant for international investors. 

I was also the only native English speaker at AMAC this summer, which made my experience very unique in that I was heavily relied on for my English language perspective as well as my western culture perspective when looking at the economy.  In addition to my time spent in Beijing, I was able to attend the Guangzhou International Finance Expo and I, along with one other full time employee at AMAC, represented AMAC at the Expo.  There I was able to communicate with other banks, asset management firms, and many other types of businesses I felt would be able to benefit from working with AMAC.

Overall, I was able to work with some great people, both in the form of full time employees as well as other interns from Chinese Universities.   I saw the world in a completely new perspective and was also able to see business and the economy work from a completely different perspective than what I had known from living my whole life in the United States.  This experience was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it for students looking for internships in the summers to come.