Grant Haynes '09 ( Studio Art)

Grant Haynes is an occupational therapist in Portland, Maine. Grant received his bachelor's degree in Art and Art History with a minor in Outdoor Studies from St Lawrence University in 2009 and earned his Master of Occupational Therapy from University of Washington, Seattle WA in 2017. You can check him out at:

Alumni Biography

I currently work as an occupational therapist, but I’ve also been a studio assistant, carpenter, farmer, job coach, and educational assistant. Throughout these roles, maintaining an art making practice has been an intention of mine. I’ve gone through long spells of not making anything, but I’ve also found ways to carve out time and incorporate art into my career.  I was drawn to occupational therapy because it offers a balance of creative problem solving while providing a distinct and practical skillset. I’m able to use art as a therapeutic tool in my work with children and adults as a way to address fine motor control and mental health challenges. Finding the ideal balance of pursuing a career and making art is difficult, but it’s a worthwhile chase for me.

When I think back on my experience at St Lawrence, it’s the meshwork of art, nature, and good people that I remember most fondly. I attended the Adirondack semester and was active in the outing club, so I spent much of my free time exploring the region’s wild places with friends. While on campus, I was often in the art department where I found caring professors who challenged my thinking and ultimately bettered my work. To this day, I continue to strive for a similar mix of creative freedom, focused compassion, and time spent outside.

For me, the beauty of attending St Lawrence was its easy access. This might sound counterintuitive given its rural setting, but it’s true! Whether it’s connecting with supportive staff, linking up with students who share similar interests, getting funding to support your ideas, or finding ways to get outside on the weekends, the school offers an abundance of wonderful and accessible resources.