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Program Costs

Students participating in an approved St. Lawrence University Off-Campus program remain enrolled at St. Lawrence, receive St. Lawrence credit and financial aid, and pay regular St. Lawrence University comprehensive fees. Students' comprehensive fees paid to St. Lawrence cover tuition, room and board, and program-integrated field components on any approved off-campus program. Students pay an application fee and a deposit is due after acceptance (see below).

Where an off-campus program is operated by an organization other than St. Lawrence, the student pays regular comprehensive fees to St. Lawrence, and St. Lawrence pays fees for the student’s participation in the program directly to the program provider. Fees paid by St. Lawrence to the program provider may be more or less than an individual student’s fees paid to St. Lawrence, depending on the student’s financial aid status and amount charged by the program.  St. Lawrence’s policy is meant to ensure that tuition, room, and board charges to any student are the same on any approved off-campus program as they would be on-campus, so that students can choose among a wide range of off-campus opportunities based on academic interest, knowing that their semester fees to St. Lawrence will be the same.

For students receiving financial aid, normal financial aid is applied during participation in an approved off-campus program. Students may contact the Financial Aid Office for information about additional loans for extra costs associated with studying off-campus.

Student comprehensive fees paid to St. Lawrence do not cover:

  • transportation to the program;
  • passport;
  • ​visa;
  • books;
  • immunizations;
  • local transportation at the program site;
  • independent travel;
  • additional required health insurance.

More information on these costs can be found here. The Center also has advice on how to save money and suggestions about what to pack which is contained in our program-specific orientation information.

Financial aid: Students may apply for additional financial aid from CIIS to help defray the costs associated with the program that are not covered by the comprehensive fee (visa costs, required immunizations, transportation in host city), if they have a current financial aid form on file in the financial aid office. Requests for funds should be limited to costs that students would not incur if they remained on campus. For example, requests for fees for books will not be covered because students are responsible for the cost of books on campus.) Additional aid is not guaranteed and is dependent upon the individual level of need and the number of applicants seeking additional aid.

Application fees & deposits: Applicants who submit completed applications reviewed by a selection committee will be charged an application fee of $30. One charge will be levied per applicant, per application cycle, irrespective of number of applications submitted. This charge will be applied to applicants' student accounts.

A refundable first deposit of $450 is to be made upon acceptance. This deposit is part of the comprehensive fee; it will be credited to the student’s account and reflected on the student’s bill for the semester that they will be studying off-campus. The remaining sum must be paid upon receipt of bills from St. Lawrence University. Participants in the program will have incurred responsibility for the full cost once they have formally accepted enrollment. Refunds will be made in accordance with the policy outlined in the St. Lawrence catalog, minus any money that has been paid out on behalf of the student.

For Summer 2021 Kenya and NYC Programs:  A $450 deposit is due by January 8, 2021.  Participants in the program will have incurred responsibility for the full cost once they have formally accepted enrollment.

For Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and AY 2021-2022 Programs: A $450 deposit is due by March 20, 2021.  Participants in the program will have incurred responsibility for the full cost once they have formally accepted enrollment.

Deposits are to be sent to Student Financial Services (SFS) Office, (room 315 in the Student Center).  Checks should be made payable to St. Lawrence University and should indicate your name, student ID number and the name of your program.  If you would like to pay your deposit online via electronic checking or savings please visit: Scroll to "Make a One-Time Payment" and select 'St. Lawrence University - Tuition Payments'.  You will need your student ID along with your bank account number and routing number. Highly aided students should speak with the Financial Aid Office in Payson Hall about a possible reduction in the program deposit.