Application Process Policies & Procedures

In advance of submitting an Off-Campus Study program application, students should

  • Discuss their plans to study off-campus and their academic plan with their academic advisor and/or the Department Chair of their major department.
  • Research program options and inform themselves about the application process by attending information sessions; meet with a CIIS Peer Advisor; or a member of the CIIS staff.
  • Ensure they meet all eligibility requirements including course pre-requisites and minimum GPA requirement where applicable. 
  • Applications are available on the CIIS Website
  • Applications should demonstrate an academic rationale for participation in a particular program, as well as maturity, responsibility, and cultural sensitivity.  Complete applications include a faculty recommendation and a recommendation from a member of the St. Lawrence community who knows the student from a context other than that of the classroom.  For example, this may be a coach, a work supervisor, an FYP advisor, etc.
  • Students currently on disciplinary, social, or academic probation are not eligible to apply for, or participate in, this program or any other SLU program. In addition, students with outstanding disciplinary fines, service hours and/or education program requirements are not eligible to participate in the program.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time on campus in the semester in which they apply for off-campus study.  Students on leave or already studying off-campus are not eligible to apply for off-campus study in the following semester. 
  • Students who choose to apply to more than one program are asked to rank order their program preference immediately following the application deadline. Although students are permitted to apply to two programs, they will be offered a place (if accepted) to only one program.
  • Students may not participate on off-campus programs in sequential semesters. For a variety of reasons, they must return to campus for at least one semester between off-campus study programs.
  • Students seeking to participate on a second off-campus program must have an especially strong academic rationale for doing so.  Among equally-qualified applicants, preference is normally given to those who have not had prior off-campus study experience over those who have studied off-campus previously, and to those who are more advanced in their studies and will not have future opportunities for off-campus study. 
  • Students may not participate on more than two off-campus programs during their time at St. Lawrence, excluding short-term programs.