Acceptance Policies & Procedures

All acceptances to off-campus programs are provisional. 

Upon acceptance to a program, students must:

· maintain the academic and social/disciplinary record upon which their acceptance was based. If there are changes in this record (such as a withdrawal from, or an incomplete or failure in a current course; a significantly lower grade average for the current semester; changes in your social/disciplinary status; or changes in your physical or psychological health status) you are obligated to report these immediately to the Associate Dean of CIIS. Reporting such changes will not necessarily result in being withdrawn from the program; however, failure to report such changes will be grounds for rescinding your acceptance. 

· pay a non-refundable $500.00 deposit to the Student Financial Services Office (Room 315, Student Center) in order to demonstrate a commitment to participation on the program. Should the student withdraw from the program after the deposit is paid, the student will forfeit the deposit and will be billed for any expenses over and above the amount of the deposit that St. Lawrence and/or the program provider have incurred on the student’s behalf.

· submit all required documents by the stated deadline to CIIS as indicated in your Studio Abroad file, including applications for Additional Financial Aid and/or Air Fare Assistance where applicable. (See Estimated additional costs of off-campus study and Additional Financial Support)

· attend all orientation meetings and activities both on the St. Lawrence campus and in-country. Orientation will cover a variety of topics ranging from course choices to cultural information and safety and security protocols. Non-SLU students participating on programs may be required to attend some orientation sessions, otherwise they will receive printed information by mail.  Please see the Student Orientation Manual in their online application/acceptance file for additional information.

· secure a passport valid at least 3 months beyond the end date of the program and carefully complete all applicable visa processes in a timely manner.

Persistent delinquency in completing any of the requirements will be grounds for rescinding your acceptance.