Student Reviews

"I realized how much the Humane Society does for animals in the area. It was great to see all the vet techs and employees care so much about the animals. It makes me want to continue to volunteer there."

"The CBL gave me an opportunity to feel engaged in helping the local community. It was a beneficial and enjoyable experience to help the children at St. Mary's School."

"I loved my CBL, I wish I would have started going before my last semester."

"It gave me some perspective on the place we go to school and increased my understanding of the people around here. It also challenged me to embrace kids more, although that is not my best attribute."

"The CBL experience had an impact on me personally because I got to spend time with nearby kids and share what we had in common, whether it was playing basketball or pool, and bond while also learning more about being a good role model."

"It made me be thankful for where I am in life and encouraged me to work harder in everyday things."

"This CBL has impacted me in more ways than one. On the one hand it was a refreshing experience to have during the week and mandatory obligations that come with being a college student. On the other hand it made me realize how important it is to hold onto your youth and enjoy the little moments in life, and to always experience them as a child would embracing all the fun and joy that comes with each of these moments."

"This program is truly amazing and a very heart-warming experience, so thank you."

"My CBL experience had an impact on me as an individual because it felt good to be able to get off campus and interact with the children. I was able to also able to also use what I learned in class and apply it to the things that I would see when at CBL."

"My CBL allowed me to make connections outside of the St. Lawrence campus and to feel more connected with the Canton community, particularly the children in the Canton community. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience."

"It was so nice to decompress once a week and go supervise the kids. It was a well needed reprieve after a long week, and allowed me not only to be able to better understand my course, but also remember what it's like to be a kid again- no worries, no cares."

"CBL allowed me to develop communication skills and reflect on course material in a new way. I would recommend that everyone does a CBL course, if for nothing more than the friendship that blossoms!"

"The CBL helped me to step out of my own shoes and look into the different lives of other people."

"It opened my my eyes to organic farming and the importance of food-to-table processes for schools within the North Country."

"The CBL experience was amazing and I got to see what I was learning in my class being very easily applied to my placement. Being at Campus Kitchens was a really interesting and fun way to learn about food insecurity and some possible programs to combat it."

Source: 2019 Spring Semester: End of Semester Student Evaluation of CBL Experience