CBL Independent Study


To register for fall semester  please complete the paperwork by: February

For spring semester consideration, please complete the paperwork by: November


  1. Meeting with CBL Director (this must be done before starting any paperwork/outreach)
  2. Faculty Sponsor
  3. Community Placement Commitment
  4. Proposal 
  5. Complete CBL Independent Study Form by first day of class (to include the syllabus)
  6. Student Commitment Form


Please answer the questions below in a Word Document (format: provide header for each section, ex: Expectations of the CBL..., A1, A2, A3, etc.)

(A) Expectations of the CBL Independent Study and Community Placement

  1. What semester/year do you wish to complete the Independent Study?
  2. What are your expectations of this Independent Study? What do you expect to learn from this experience?
  3. Explain how your Community Placement will enhance your learning experience at SLU.

(B) Community Placement Responsibilities/Project Description

This section should be designed in consultation with the community placement supervisor. 

Review Community Partnerships.

  1. What community placement (agency) do you wish to be assigned and why?
  2. What specific responsibilities will you have at the community placement?
  3. Please describe the specific projects or assignments will you be completing at the community placement.
  4. Please provide any dates and deadlines associated with the projects or assignments designated in bullet 3.
  5. Please list any required paperwork or training associated with your community placement? 

(C) Weekly Engagement

  1. How many hours will you be serving each week at your community placement?
  2. Weekly schedule:What days and times you plan on attending placement each week?