CBL Student Requirements

Thank you for choosing to participate in a Community-Based Learning course. This page serves as a guideline for CBL requirements.

Community Placement/Experience

A community placement is an integral component of any Community-Based Learning (CBL) course, and as such, students are expected to attend their placement every week throughout the entire semester. On average, students can expect to be on-site for at least two hours each week. In addition, students are encouraged to think about the experiential aspect of the community placement, how the community placement serves as part of the course materials, and how it can be incorporated into class discussions and other academic work as the experience unfolds. All students enrolled in a CBL course are required to participate in a community placement during the semester. Community placement sites will vary depending on the course a student is enrolled in. The CBL office facilitates the assignment of students' community placements. Students must remember that community placement is a course requirement and is an academic commitment that takes priority over clubs and non-academic events.


Students enrolled in CBL courses are required to complete the following forms: Community Placement Preference Form, Student Commitment Form, Time Log, and forms related to transportation (waivers)/mileage reimbursement (when applicable). 

Community Placement Preference Form: The Community Placement Preference Form is used to assist the CBL office in assigning an agency placement based on course requirements. The form is typically emailed after the first full week of classes in each semester. A student will be given information in regards to CBL placements that are available to them either in their first few classes or the student might also be contacted by the CBL office, via email, with placement options. The CBL student will need to complete this online form by the deadline given to have the best options for placements. The CBL office tries very hard to place the student in their first choice; however student class schedule, athletics and even transportation may play a role in being assigned a second or third choice. Before ranking/completing the preference form, students should carefully assess their weekly availability for a placement by considering their athletic, course, and/or employment commitments

Student Commitment Form: This online form outlines the expectations for student engagement with the local community during the CBL experience and serves as a guide for maintaining professionalism. This form is due before community placements begin (please refer to the Dates to Remember for exact dates each semester). However, most should have completed it during their on-campus orientations. Access the form.

Mandatory Orientations

Students enrolled in CBL courses are required to participate in an on-campus CBL orientation within the first two weeks of classes, as well as an Agency Orientation during the first week of placements. Students are required to check their email daily for correspondence from the CBL office in regards to their placement and answer immediately as to not delay the placement process.

On-Campus Orientation: During the on-campus orientation, CMs will share with students the following information:

  • Overview of community placement sites and any required paperwork
  • CBL expectations - review of the Student Commitment Form
  • Dates to Remember
  • Transportation Policy (to include the details about SLU’s driver’s certification process, use of a personal car, and transportation waivers)
  • Attendance Policy

Agency Orientation: This orientation is mandatory and necessary before any student can start their community placement. During this time, the community partner (agency) will cover:

  • Agency mission/programming
  • Student role and expectations
  • Completion of required agency paperwork/testing

Health/Wellness Requirements

SLU's Health Center is available to provide the following services:

PPD Test

  • Check to see if your community placement site offers the test for free. If not, you may have the test placed and read at SLU's Health Center (HC).
  • To do so, make an appointment with the HC.
  • The cost is $10.00 and can be charged to the CBL office. Please notify the HC staff it is for CBL.
  • If test is completed off-campus, the CBL office will only reimburse up to $10.00 and a receipt must be provided.

FLU Shot

  • Check to see if your community placement site offers the shot for free. If not, you may obtain the shot from SLU's Health Center (HC).
  • To do so, make an appointment with the HC.
  • The cost is $25.00 and can be charged to the CBL office. Please notify the HC staff it is for CBL.
  • If shot is obtained off-campus, the CBL office will only reimburse up to $25.00 (will not reimburse for the doctor's office visit) and a receipt must be provided.

Medical Forms/Physicals

  • Make an appointment with the HC.
  • There is no charge for this visit.
  • Bring agency-specific medical form to appointment.
  • Please note: the CBL office will not reimburse an off-campus doctor's visit.

Health and Counseling Services

Tracking Weekly Engagement

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend their community placement on a consistent, weekly basis. Students are must adhere to their assigned day/time, and must seek community partner approval when a special accommodation is needed. Inconsistent attendance will not be tolerated. Community Mentors regularly check the time logs and reports students’ engagement to the CBL office. Students should view their community placement like a real job with real consequences. Failure to adhere to the CBL student commitment form or an agency’s code of conduct can serve as grounds for termination. If that should occur, CBL will not be responsible for finding a student a replacement site. 

For Mid-Semester Break: students whose placements end before 5:00pm on Wednesday are expected to attend.
For Spring Break: students whose placements end before 5:00pm on Friday are expected to attend. For more information: please see Attendance Policy.

Time Log
All students will be required to track their weekly engagement via a time log. Access the time log.

CBL students are required to sign-in and sign-out (paper time log) of their community placement sites during each visit to the agency. The agency identifies a space where the time logs will be kept (usually in a binder). CMs are required to check the time logs on a bi-weekly basis. Engagement will be reported to faculty at mid-semester, along with a one- to two-sentence comment about how the CBL student is engaging at their placement, and a final hour summary at the beginning of finals week. 

End of Semester Evaluation

Students are asked to complete an end-of-semester evaluation. This evaluation will be used to allow you to share any positive experiences or obstacles. The end-of-semester evaluation is also used to assist the CBL office in improving the CBL placement experience for years to come. Honesty and solution-focused responses are highly encouraged.

Questions? Contact the CBL office at cbl@stlawu.edu / 315.229.5095