Student Resource Guide

Goals and Objectives

  1. Foster a civically engaged commitment to the common good both generally and in the context of living in the North Country.

  2. Encourage students to think critically about their place within the complexity and diversity of the human experience and the natural world.

  3. Cultivate a habit of reflection in the context of civic engagement.

How to Search for CBL Courses in APR

  1. Make sure the SUBJECTS filter is completely cleared
  2. Select the correct semester/year under the TERMS filter
  3. Under the COURSE LEVEL filter, select Community Based Learning
  4. It is also helpful to select open sections under the AVAILABILITY filter

Community Based Learning offers CBL 100. CBL supports a number of courses from academic departments as well. CBL also offers students the opportunity to apply for a CBL Independent Study. For more information: Courses

Community Mentor as a Resource

By serving as ambassadors of Community-Based Learning (CBL), Community Mentors (CMs) foster and guide the overall experience of course-based students involved in a number of campus-community partnerships.


Each CBL student is responsible for getting to and from their placement site; however, given that CBL is a required component of the course, CBL does everything it can to assist students in finding transportation. For community placements that are far from campus (such as Akwesasne, Ogdensburg, Potsdam, etc.), we automatically reserve the CBL van or other university vehicles. We expect, but cannot mandate, students to get van certified. Carpooling should only occur when absolutely necessary given the potential for liability risks; however, in the event that students choose to carpool, they must submit transportation waivers. Should a student need to utilize a taxi service, he or she would need to obtain prior approval from the CBL office (except for emergency situations). For more transportation information, please click here

End of Semester Festival 

This event will showcase the many different “pathways to engagement” available such as Community Based Learning, Volunteerism, SLU Public Interest Corps, Internships, and Alternative Break Trips.

Poster Presentation Form
Presentation Approval Form
Photo/Video Release Form
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Continued Engagement with the Community

Community Engagement Suites
Community Mentor Program
Volunteer Services