Community Engagement Housing


Community Engagement Housing offers students the opportunity to continue their active engagement with the local community. As such, students are assigned to a community placement site to help meet the site's identified needs and programming. In doing so, students are able to strengthen their citizenship and leadership skills.

Commitment: TBD Academic Year
Location: TBD. We are looking to fill 10 spots through a combination of single and double rooms. You will need to indicate your preference in the application. *Should you request a single room, you will be charged the associated fee. 

Expectations and Requirements

  • Maintain a GPA of at least a 2.75.
  • Maintain a clear judiciary record.
  • Participate in weekly engagement (up to at least two hours) with a community partner site.
  • Develop a semester-long/ or year-long project to parallel weekly engagement.
  • Participate in reflection sessions (a minimum of two per month) with faculty and staff associated with CBL and Volunteer Services.
  • Represent CBL and Volunteer Services at various functions to raise awareness about the housing opportunity and other pathways to engagement. For example, "Make a Difference Day", Community Conversation Series, Festival of SLU in the Community, and Community Engagement Housing recruitment (spring only).

Housing & Social Responsibility Acknowledgement

  • By selecting to live in the Community Engagement Housing, I am representing not only myself as an individual; but St. Lawrence University as a whole.
  • I must abide by the SLU Student Handbook and The Laurentian Pact, and am subject to any University disciplinary sanction(s) described therein.
  • I understand that if a violation occurs, I must report it within 24 hours. 
  • I will be required to sign a Housing and Social Responsibility Agreement that reinforces the SLU Student Handbook/The Laurentian Pact. Further, I understand that if I choose to not sign this agreement, I will forfeit my spot in Community Engagement Housing.
  • I will be required to participate in ongoing, weekly engagement with a community placement site throughout the academic year.
  • I will be required to read, listen, and respond to all communication (phone, email, text, etc.) sent from CBL/VS faculty/staff within 48 hours.
  • I will be required to participate in mandatory reflection sessions with CBL/VS faculty/staff, and maintain any social media/public platforms associated with my experience.
  • I will be required to plan, attend, and co-facilitate the Community Engagement Housing Recruitment Information Session with fellow residents.
  • I will be required to take initiative with my engagement, and ask for help immediately if issues or questions arise.
  • I will be required to present at the Festival of SLU in the Community (both semesters) to share my community experiences with students, faculty and staff, and community partners.
  • As part of the selection process, a judiciary review will be completed on me before final selections are made. Further, if sanctions are found, I will have the opportunity to discuss them with the CBL fac/staff in my interview.

Required Application Documents

***All documentation should be submitted online.

Community Engagement Housing Application (You must login)

Letter of Interest: A brief essay (250 words) that describes your previous community engagement experiences and your interest in being a part of the Community Engagement Housing opportunity. In addition, please indicate which community placement sites you'd like to work with and share any relevant experiences.

Current (unofficial) Transcript: The transcript must be downloaded from APR and uploaded as a PDF. (Please do not provide/upload screenshots).

Two References: From a SLU faculty/staff member who can speak to your maturity, leadership potential, and commitment to building community.

Important Dates

Recruitment: TBD
Application Deadline: TBD
Interviews: TBD
Student Decisions: TBD

For more information, please contact the CBL office at 315-229-5095 or