Dates to Remember


18 - First Day of Classes


1- Community Placement Preference Forms Due(4:00pm)
8- Email Notification of Community Placement Decisions 
9-10-  Winter Break   
11-12 - Email Notification of On-Campus CBL Orientations(meeting)
13- Students Attend On-Campus Orientation with Community Mentors

19 - Student Commitment Form Due (online) (Sunday placements begin 2/19)
20 - Community Placements Begin/Attend Agency Orientations (all week)


6-27- Community Mentor Recruitment
13 - Mileage Reimbursement Application Due (online)
17-26 - Spring Break: No community placement visits scheduled for these dates. NOTE: break officially begins at 5pm on Friday, 3/17


3- Community Mentor Application Due(online)
5- Festival Presentation Proposals Due(online
21- Presentation Approval Form Due(Signed by the Community Placement Supervisor) to CBL office
24- Final week of Community Placements
28 - Posters Sent for Printing


3- Festival of SLU in the Community
     Location: Eben Holden/Time:6:00pm
5- Last Day of Classes
9- Mileage Logs Due (online) 
     Community Partner Evaluation of Student Due (online
     Student Evaluation of CBL Due (online)   
12 - Last Day of Exams