Festival of SLU in the Community Program SP 2024

6:00pm   Welcome & Awards 

6:15 pm   Oral Presentations  

  1. A Health Coach Perspective: Kelly Cushing  

  2. Health Coaching with Clients in the North Country: Ava Hartley 

  3. The Connection within a Community: Sofia Macero 

6:30 pm   Poster Session I 

  1. 2024 SIP Brain Health Innovation Olympics: Wesley Bevins  

  1. Building Community Through Creativity: Community-Based Learning with St. Lawrence County Arts Council: Mary Batsie 

  1. Campus Kitchens: Griffin Marx 

  1. CBL Presentation for Partnership with Planned Parenthood: Vanessa Laryea & Cameron Mulla  

  1. Cornell Cooperative Extension (Dairy): Thomas Coleman 

  1. Habitat for Humanity: Gabrielle Aldrich 

  1. Healing Pastures: Finn Paulsen & Sam Voter 

  1. Health Coaching Experience: Lilli Thomas  

  1. Learning to Love What You Do: Arianna Roeder-Fabos 

  1. Office for the Aging: Sydney Curley & Corinne Jacoby  

  1. Sustainability at littleGrasse Foodworks: Kameryn Dockham 

  1. United Helpers: Noah Hight 

7: 00pm   Poster Session II 

  1. CBL with the Church & Community Program: Emma Palumbo  

  1. CBL Experience at Cornell Cooperative Extension: Timothy Boyce  

  1. Head Start Kitchen: Myles Barrett  

  1. Health Coaching with Clients in the North Country: Isabella Hillman 

  1. Hurlbut's Farm: Callie Richards  

  1. My Experience at Hurlbut's Farm: Finn Ward  

  1. Northern Area Health Education Center: Mutanu Mbithi  

  1. Office for the Aging Canton Nutrition Site: Kayla Robison & Leah Squadrito

  1. Potsdam Mentoring Program: Sabella Cromie  

  1. St. Lawrence Health Initiative- Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention: Victoria Buell & Mia Dillon

  1. Sustainable Farming at littleGrasse: Leslie Herold & Margaret Spire  

  1. The Campus Kitchens Project at St. Lawrence: Amelia Nicholas & Nora Wagner

  1. The Grace House: Zoie Lehman