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Excellence in Community-Based Learning Scholarship Awards Recipients

Award Descriptions & Recipients

Excellence in Community-Based Learning Scholarship Awards: Awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in integrating their community placement experiences with academic reflection as part of a Community-Based Learning Course/Independent Study.  ***Two Categories: First-Year Program and General CBL courses.

2022-2023 Academic Year:

BRIANNA DUGGAN, Class of 2023
Nominated by Dr. Adam Harr

“Brianna was an enthusiastic and engaged member of class, and I was impressed by the evident fact that she genuinely wants to be as involved as possible in the community while also being both academically serious and holding down a job at Canton Day Care. Her enthusiasm set a great example for the class, and her presentations on GardenShare and the Canton Farmer's Market inspired some other students in class to make their way to the market to check it out. A community partner added that, “She was an absolute pleasure to work with this semester. She came to market, early or on time every week and had a positive professional attitude. 

KARLI THOMPSON, Class of 2024
Nominated by Dr. Jane Kring

“Karli had a placement at United Helpers during my Health Coaches I classI was impressed with her level of engagement at the site as evidenced by her weekly CBL journalsShe thought deeply about how to best serve her resident, what activities and conversations they responded best to, and caregivers suggestions and recommendations. {She} also did an excellent job sharing her experiences and questions on the discussion forum and thinking about what is unique about the North Country community. Karli exceeded my expectations with her maturity, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and perspective taking.”  

MIKAYLA QUINN, Class of 2024
Nominated by Dr. Cathy Crosby

“Mikayla wove the course content throughout their journal entries. In addition, their journal entries engaged deeply with the issues raised. I encourage students to explore questions in their journals for which they don’t have answers, because one can gain understanding through that exploration. Mikayla engaged in this exploration on a regular basis, often inviting me into that exploration by asking me direct questions in the midst of their reflection. We developed some on-going dialogue through our comments back and forth. These exchanges aided me in thinking more deeply about some issues relevant to our course content, in particular around attitudes toward addiction in U.S. culture and our ways of talking about and working with individuals who face addiction challenges. Through their reflection, we both learned. 

Community Mentor Special Recognition Awards: Awarded to CMs who go above and beyond in promoting the mission of CBL, and for fostering deep and meaningful relationships with their various constituents. 
*Not awarded in the 2022-2023 academic year

Previous Recipients

Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Award 
2022: N/A
2021: Hannah Kolpack '22, Katherine Clemmer '21
2020: Talya Scott '23
2019: Jordan Bernier '22, Joshua Elmer '20, Tanner Sanderson '19
2018: Lauren Cahalan '21, Paige Kerkhoff '21, Olivia Raynard '19
2017: Katherine Andy '20, Annie Gibbons '17, Elizabeth Girard '17, Cara Griffith '20
2016: Floor Fiers '19, Anna Kowanko '16, Marguerite Wiser '17
2015: N/A
2014: Savannah Crowley '14, Abigail Horan '14
2013: Alex Fredette '14, Mia Thomas '16

Community Mentor Special Recognition Award 
2022: Alexis Jablonski '23, Asa Krieger '22
2021: Emily Benkert '21
2020: Alena Ragan '20, Jordan Bernier '22
2019: N/A
2018: Rose Green '18, Natalie Meagher '20, Samantha Taillon '18
2017: Lexi Joy '19, Ella Nielsen '19
2016: Bubacarr Fofana '18, Katherine Lloyd '17
2015: Prudence Dechene '17, Susannah Gibbons '17, Katherine Lloyd '17
2014: Renee Lavigne '14, Sophie Owen-Jankowski '14, Marissa Traver '14
2013: Katie Kraunelis '15, Elizabeth Bastien '15, Taylor Capuano '14

Stemler Civic Engagement Award 
2022-2017: N/A
2016: Rose Green '18
2015: Catherine Rosen '16
2014: Alie Mihuta '14
2013: Elizabeth Bastien '15, Danielle McBride '14