Awards and Recognition

Award Descriptions & Recipients

Excellence in Community-Based Learning Scholarship Awards: Awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in integrating their community placement experiences with academic reflection as part of a Community-Based Learning Course/Independent Study.  ***Two Categories: First-Year Program and General CBL courses.
*Not awarded in the 2021-2022 academic year

Community Mentor Special Recognition Awards: Awarded to CMs who go above and beyond in promoting the mission of CBL, and for fostering deep and meaningful relationships with their various constituents. 

2021-2022 Academic Year:

Alexis Jablonski, Class of 2023
In addition to looking for a campus job,  Alexis placed a high value on finding opportunities to build/be a part of a community upon her return to campus for the 2021-2022 academic year. She has demonstrated a consistent ability to do her job well. Alexis provided great care for the campus-community partnerships she managed. She sought out opportunities to be an active, informed, and engaged student. Alexis is someone who takes initiative, is proactive, and can be counted on to follow through on any/all tasks. Her confidence in managing conflict and trouble-shooting in the moment, and her ability to communicate effectively across all constituents has earned her the position of CBL Intern next year. 

In nominating Alexis, one of her community partners shared, “Alexis’s communication has been outstanding and I appreciate not only the time that she puts in but the professionalism behind each email. She has made a point of checking in with me periodically to stay up to date on time sheets, and has met with me multiple times to assess the overall success of the partnership. Not only has she been incredibly communicative but organized as well, coming to a CBL meeting to help catch the students up on their timesheets and make sure that everyone was on the same page.  I feel very positive about the relationship she has helped foster…, and could only hope that any future community mentors I work with will be as thorough, helpful, and supportive as her. She is incredibly deserving of a special recognition award. "

Asa Krieger, Class of 2022
Asa started his college career in a FYP w/ CBL, Peace Begins w/ Me, taught by Dr. Donna Alvah, and continued to ground his SLU experience in building relationships with people both on and off campus. He consistently built meaningful connections between all of the opportunities he was involved in. He has represented the CBL office for five semesters, four as a Community Mentor and his final semester as an Intern. On two occasions, he brought together his work as a CM and as a Civic Dialogue Fellow to host community conversations, allowing participants to dialogue across difference. Asa has truly modeled what it means to cultivate pathways for active engagement in one’s community.

Previous Recipients

Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Award 
2021: Hannah Kolpack '22, Katherine Clemmer '21
2020: Talya Scott '23
2019: Jordan Bernier '22, Joshua Elmer '20, Tanner Sanderson '19
2018: Lauren Cahalan '21, Paige Kerkhoff '21, Olivia Raynard '19
2017: Katherine Andy '20, Annie Gibbons '17, Elizabeth Girard '17, Cara Griffith '20
2016: Floor Fiers '19, Anna Kowanko '16, Marguerite Wiser '17
2015: N/A
2014: Savannah Crowley '14, Abigail Horan '14
2013: Alex Fredette '14, Mia Thomas '16

Community Mentor Special Recognition Award 
2021: Emily Benkert '21
2020: Alena Ragan '20, Jordan Bernier '22
2019: N/A
2018: Rose Green '18, Natalie Meagher '20, Samantha Taillon '18
2017: Lexi Joy '19, Ella Nielsen '19
2016: Bubacarr Fofana '18, Katherine Lloyd '17
2015: Prudence Dechene '17, Susannah Gibbons '17, Katherine Lloyd '17
2014: Renee Lavigne '14, Sophie Owen-Jankowski '14, Marissa Traver '14
2013: Katie Kraunelis '15, Elizabeth Bastien '15, Taylor Capuano '14

Stemler Civic Engagement Award 
2022-2017: N/A
2016: Rose Green '18
2015: Catherine Rosen '16
2014: Alie Mihuta '14
2013: Elizabeth Bastien '15, Danielle McBride '14