CBL Transportation

General Information

The CBL office recognizes that transportation options in St. Lawrence County are limited. While it is the responsibility of each individual student to access the available resources to get to and from their placement site, the CBL office will do what it can to assist with the process.
*Please note: The following individuals are NOT responsible for providing transportation: CBL staff, professors, or the community partner agencies. Unless instructed by the CBL office, the Community Mentor will not serve as the certified driver for the university vehicle.

When the CBL office has reserved a university vehicle for students' use, they will receive the following message in their placement notification email:

Transportation: University Van Reserved"
In these cases, a placement site is located over five miles from campus and/or requires group travel. As such, the CBL office automatically reserves a university vehicle for students’ use; however, it does not mean that CBL is providing a driver. Students MUST complete SLU's driver certification training in order to utilize this transportation. While we cannot mandate students to get van certified, it is strongly encouraged that the driving be shared among the group. *This does not apply to students who are under 18 years of age and/or do not have a valid US driver’s license (university liability insurance will not cover such cases.)

**Please Note:

  • If a student is offered the opportunity to travel in a university vehicle, but chooses to use a personal vehicle to travel on the same day/same time as the university vehicle , they will NOT be eligible to receive any form of reimbursement for travel costs AND must complete the appropriate transportation waiver.
  • If a group reaches consensus to forgo the use of a university vehicle and deviates from the arranged transportation, mileage reimbursement will be subject to the policy noted below. In this case, students are not expected to provide the driver with any compensation.

Alternative Transportation Options

“Transportation: Need Own Transportation”
In these cases, a placement site is either considered within walking/biking distance or is in close proximity to campus. Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to access available resources to secure transportation. In some cases, it is possible to reserve a university vehicle; however, a student MUST complete SLU's driver certification training in order to utilize this transportation. To learn more, contact the CBL office at 315.229.5095 or cbl@stlawu.edu.


See Green Bikes.

Personal Car (you are an insured driver for)/Carpooling
Given that we cannot stop a student from utilizing their personal vehicle, the CBL office does require that the student submit the appropriate transportation waiver before traveling occurs. In addition, the CBL office does not endorse the idea of students carpooling in personal vehicles and this option should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted. Should carpooling be necessary, both the driver and any riders must complete transportation waivers.

This option is reserved for students who do not have a valid US driver’s license or are ineligible for van certification, and for emergency situations. Before utilizing this service, a student must obtain approval from the CBL office.

Transportation Waiver Forms

Driver Transportation Waiver
Rider Transportation Waiver
CM Transportation Waiver

Mileage Reimbursement

If a university vehicle is not available on the day/time a placement is scheduled, a student may be given permission to utilize a personal vehicle (which they are an insured driver for) and is therefore eligible to apply for mileage reimbursement up to a maximum of $100.00 per semester. To apply, please complete the online Mileage Reimbursement Application.

If approved, the student will need to download a Mileage Log and keep track of mileage/time during the entire semester. At the end of the semester, the student must send a completed/approved Student Time Log and completed Mileage Log to cbl@stlawu.edu.
*Please Note: Reimbursement is only available until funds are depleted.

Driver Certification Training

There are two options for completing the training: attend a session offered by the CBL office or go directly to Safety and Security.

CBL Session
This session is the first step in the certification training process. This entails completing paperwork and watching videos. The Community Mentor will provide the Driver’s Authorization Form. The student must bring a copy of their driver’s license to the session.

Safety & Security Office

  • Contact University Driver Training via email udt@stlawu.edu to schedule a Driver Certification class.
  • Obtain a signed Driver’s Authorization Form from the CBL office.
  • Complete the Driver’s Authorization Form and make a copy of your driver's license. Bring both documents to the certification class.
  • After completion of the certification class, check the Approved Driver List. Once listed, the driver is authorized to drive a SLU vehicle.

Special Notes:

  • Certification is not complete until a student has taken the road test and passed the license check. The process can take up to two weeks.
  • Students will not be able to reserve a vehicle or pick up vehicle keys until they appear on the Approved Driver’s List.
  • Re-Certification is required each year by October 15. To re-certify, print off and complete a new application form, make a copy of your driver’s license, and drop off documents to the Safety and Security Office before October 15.


If after all attempts to secure transportation have been unsuccessful or there are transportation concerns, please contact the CBL office immediately at 315.229.5095 or cbl@stlawu.edu.