Community Partner Resource Guide

Goals and Objectives

  1. Foster a civically engaged commitment to the common good both generally and in the context of living in the North Country.

  2. Encourage students to think critically about their place within the complexity and diversity of the human experience and the natural world.

  3. Cultivate a habit of reflection in the context of civic engagement.

Community Mentor as a Resource

Community Mentors serve as a liaison between all the various constituents (faculty, community partners, CBL students, and CBL staff) involved in the CBL experience. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Providing on-campus orientation (troubleshooting transportation needs)
  • Assisting with agency orientation
  • Engaging in on-going communication with all constituents (students, community partners, faculty, and CBL staff)
  • Trouble-shooting issues and relaying information pertaining to the CBL experience and/or general concerns to the appropriate constituents

Meet the CMs

Agency Orientation

This orientation is necessary before any student can start their community placement. During that time, the community partner will cover:

  • Agency mission/programming
  • Student role and expectations
  • Completion of required agency paperwork/testing


At the end of each semester, we hope that you had an enjoyable experience.  We value you as a community partner agency and appreciate the role you play as a co-teacher in our students’ learning. In an effort to better serve our community partners, we would appreciate your evaluation of both the students’ performance and the overall Community-Based Learning Staff/Program performance.  Your input is valuable to us and to strengthen our partnership. 

Community Partner Evaluation of CBL Student

Community Partner Evaluation of CBL Staff