Community Placement Preference Forms

The Community Placement Preference Form is used to assist the CBL office in assigning a community placement based on your course requirements and your top four preferences.


It's important to understand that a community placement is an integral component of a course and requires consistent weekly engagement. Students will be expected to spend up to two hours (or more dependent on class), outside of class, per week with a local agency/organization

  • Step one: Before completing the preference form, students should carefully assess their weekly availability for a placement by considering their athletic, course, and/or employment commitments.
  • Step two: Review placement options for your course and check out each agency profile. 
  • Step three: When selecting the top four preferences, students should NOT repeat a previous option 

Even though students are asked to select their top four preferences, this does not mean that a student will automatically be given their first choice. Please note that in some cases, it's possible that a student may be given their fourth choice.


Should a student have difficulty finding a community placement that works, they should contact Brenda Papineau at or by phone 315.229.5255 to set up an appointment before the deadline. All preference forms are due by Friday,  January 28, 2022.