St. Lawrence University supports semester and academic year off-campus study as well as summer programs. Over 70% of our students study off-campus during their college career. These experiences span academic disciplines and take Laurentians all over the world. 

What would you like to study?

Explore off-campus study themes. 

Connect with on-campus academics.

Where would you like to study?

Explore our semester/academic year off-campus programs.

Learn about eligibility requirements.

How Much does it cost to study off-campus? 

Learn more about costs and funding resources.

Add to your Intercultural skillset:

The Intercultural Living/Learning Community in Kirk Douglas Hall brings together students preparing for or returning from off-campus study to help them explore what it means to be a global citizen.

Explore the Identity Resource Guide to reflect on unique parts of your identity and how they may intersect with/be perceived by different cultures around the world.

Discuss your off-campus study options:

Arrange a meeting with an off-campus study advisor.

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