Erik Miller '14 (studio art)

Erik Miller is a Digital Media Specialist at The Ad Group Agency, Inc. Erik received his Bachelor's degree in Art & Art History from St. Lawrence University in 2014 and earned his MFA from University at Buffalo in 2017. Born in Central New York, Erik Miller is a graphic artist specializing in illustration and narrative art.  He is driven by a passion for creation, communication, hard work, and advocacy.

Alumni Biography

I’m originally from Waterville, New York and graduated from St. Lawrence in 2014 with honors in art and art history. While studying at SLU I took all the studio classes that I could fit into my schedule as well as myriad creative writing and history classes—all of which have been a foundational aspect of my studies and artwork. I’m a huge proponent of social and economic advocacy and did a year of service through the AmeriCorps VISTA program in Des Moines, Iowa which opened my eyes further to inequality and the need for assistance and reform for those most in need. I got my MFA from the University at Buffalo having graduated summa cum laude. My thesis explored the idea of state and religious propaganda and the way it influences mass-consciousness through the lens of the late European and early American Witch hunts. I work primarily in illustrative drawings, paintings, and short animation and have done commissioned work from my time at St. Lawrence to today as well as spot illustration jobs for bands and books (I recently worked on illustrations for a chapter in an upcoming book from Sid Sondergard and David Henderson.) Currently I am working on a book of collected illustrations, briefly explicating American serial killers. A large portion of any proceeds will be going to charities assisting and advocating for victims of violent crimes.

While attending SLU I did a semester off campus in the NYC program and had a ton of once in a lifetime experiences and went to events at the society of illustrators, a big spark of inspiration for me personally and professionally. I participated in the summer fellowship program in 2013, and spent my time on campus studying the influence of illustration on narrative and cognitive understanding. Sid Sondergard advised me throughout and it was a really foundational experience for me as an artist and a thinker. The Art and Art History department had a huge impact on me personally and in readying me for creative and professional endeavors that have and will come. Professors like Kasarian Dane, Melissa Schulenberg, Paul Graham, and Sid Sondergard were huge in helping me understand how to better think, make, and continue to learn.  

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to any current or prospective SLU students is to take advantage of everything that the University offers. There is no time in your life after you leave Canton that so many opportunities for growth, development, and fun will be offered to you. It’s easy to take the programs, clubs, groups, classes, and professors for granted. Don’t do it! Go to the thing, study in the place, participate in the stuff, and meet all the people. Make yourself uncomfortable, and do things that are difficult while you have a support structure like the one you have at SLU.