Beijing Normal University Internship: Summer 2015, Beijing, China

Hanahne Lahnaoui - October 2015

Last summer, I had the opportunity to conduct a research internship with Beijing Normal University - School of Social Development and Public Policy. My internship was an amazing learning opportunity for me, and I had a wonderful time in Beijing. I worked on the topic of social finance with a group of students, professors and professionals supervised by the dean of the school. This experience taught me many valuable things about conducting a professional research in addition to acquiring and increasing skills such as collecting, analyzing and presenting data.

This internship was the perfect fit for me because I am majoring in International Economics combined with Multi-languages (Chinese and French) and minoring in Government. In addition, I was very interested in conducting research on a topic that is related to my field of study, and this opportunity was the perfect match for that. Additionally, I had the opportunity to learn about a different and very rich culture. Every day in Beijing was a learning experience for me, and I enjoyed every day of this experience.

I am grateful to Beijing Normal University for giving me this opportunity and to everyone I worked with for making my stay in Beijing nothing but amazing. Interning in a different country might seem scary and hard to do at first, but I received a lot of help both from St. Lawrence and Beijing Normal University, and I am very thankful for that because they impacted my internship experience in a very positive way.