Policies and Procedures

A Resource Guide for Student Clubs and Organizations

Below is a list of University policies and procedures that are important for student clubs and organizations to be aware of as they often impact the planning of events and activities on campus. This is not a comprehensive list of all policies on campus and we suggest taking a look at the Student Handbook for additional information. If you have questions regarding a procedure or policy not included on this page, please contact the Office of Student Activities and Leadership at x5757 for more information.

Alcohol Policy

Campus Mailings

Catering Policy & Food at Events

Check Requests and W-9 forms

Contracts (securing off-campus speakers and entertainment options) 

Copy Cards

Creative Advertising Ideas

CWA Machines (provided by Thelomathesian Society)

Electronic Communication

Event Registration

Keys (for Student Clubs and Organizations)

Student Listserv Policy

Student Center Offices (for Student Organizations)

Paper (for banners, copies etc)

Posting Policy (Student Center)

Purchasing Cards (for Student Clubs and Organizations)

Registration, Student Club and Organization

Reserving Facilities

Reserving a Table (in the Student Center Atrium)

Starting a new Club or Organization

Student Center Storage Room (SC #114) for Student Organizations

Student Mail Center (SMC)

TIPS Program

Vehicle Policy and Usage