Starting a Club/Organization

How do I start a new club/organization?

To start a club, simply collect the names of those interested in being active in your new club and a faculty or staff advisor and fill out the online Club/Organization registration form. This makes the club contact information available online for current and prospective students to see in the Student Club/Organization directory. You will not receive money from SLUSAF by filling out this form.

If you are considering starting a new club/organization that is organized around a specific sport, it may fall under the definition of a sport club. A sport club is defined as:

  • a group of students with a common, sustained interest in a particular sport.
  • not directly funded by the Sport and Leisure Studies Department and arranges for its own funding if needed.
  • may wish to seek volunteer coaching assistance from faculty, staff or persons in the community.
  • will arrange its own schedule, officials, etc., should it seek intercollegiate competition with other club teams.

If your club/organization meets the majority of the above requirements, you must discuss the groups goals with the Director of Intramurals and Club Sports in Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation, x5779,  and the Office of Student Activities and Leadership before you may submit a request to be recognized as a club/organization.

To start an organization, contact the Thelomathesian Society executive board to submit a formal proposal for your organization to gain “organizational status”. Upon receiving your proposal, the executive board will guide you through the process of attending Senate meeting to receive approval by a majority vote, and going through the SLUSAF budget proposal process in the spring.

Note: Although groups usually become clubs before asking for organizational status, it is not mandatory. Also, it is not necessary to have organization status to submit a contingency request to the Thelomathesian Society/SLUSAF.