Event Registration

Are you planning an event? Check to see if you need to register your program or party!

There are two instances where you will need to register your event with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.

  1. If you are hosting a gathering of 10 or more people where alcohol will be consumed (see the Alcohol Policy on pp. 41-46 in the Student Handbook)
  2. If you are hosting a dry event (i.e. no alcohol will be present) that is considered a special or major event. A special or major event is defined as a gathering of 100 or more guests that are large in nature such as dances, open houses, concerts, etc (see the Social Function Policy on p. 57 in the Student Handbook).

Registering both of types of events ensures that the individual(s)/organization(s) hosting the event are:

  • adhering to University and state policies related to the use and consumption of alcohol, and/or are 
  • following University policies related to the planning of large events (such as contract negotiation, catering, security, etc.), and
  • are working to ensure their event will be safe and successful for all involved.

Registering Your Event

Registration forms for Alcohol Events and Special Events are available at the Student Center Information Desk and on Presence. You may also contact Ashlee Downing-Duke, Senior Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership, for more information: adowning@stlawu.edu

Additional Information about Registering an Event!  Click this link for more information and tips on what to consider when preparing to register/plan your event. Information related to what items you need to consider regarding the event location and providing food for alcohol events is also provided.

More information on what it means to be a Social Host

TIPs Monitors and the Event Registration Process

Have Questions about how to register your event?

Contact Ashlee Downing-Duke, Senior Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership for assistance. Please either stop in her office Monday through Friday (Student Center #224 located behind the Student Center Information Desk) or email to setup an appointment.