Event Registration Tips

Important Information and Tips for Registering an Event!

This list is meant to provide you with information that is important when registering an event on campus. This list is meant to be an over-view or a starting point rather than a complete how-to guide, so it is best to be prepared to have a discussion with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership once you submit your form in case there is something additional you may need to consider.

Event Location

The event location can impact the planning process. When you begin to plan your event, especially when registering an event, is important to consider the items below.  If you are unsure about what policies may affect the plans for the event, you can always ask the Office of Student Activities and Leadership for assistance.

Is the size of your event appropriate for the location? Each location on campus is assigned an occupancy number, which is the number people that can safely be in the space. Some of these numbers are available through the Room Usage Policy, while others can be determined by asking the department which oversees the space (e.g. Athletics, Residence Life). 

Have you received the necessary permissions to use the space? Most of the time by reserving the room with the appropriate individual on campus you have received the permission you need in order to use that room. However, for various areas on campus there are additional steps you should take to ensure you can host your event in that location. For instance, if you want to hold your event in a residence hall space, you will need to obtain the permission of the Residential Coordinator (RC) or Building Coordinator (BC) who oversees the building. If you are interested in holding an event on the Townhouse Quad, you will need to obtain permission from the Townhouse Council. Please visit the Senior Townhouse website for more information on registering an event on the Townhouse Quad.

Are the plans for your event appropriate for the space? Oftentimes there are limitations on what can occur within various locations. For instance in any residential spaces (including Theme Houses), the Quiet Hours/Noise policy (p. in the Student Handbook), must be observed. Therefore, any events occurring in those spaces are expected to end when quiet hours go into effect. In addition, large bands and DJ'd events are not appropriate for smaller areas and residential areas. Therefore, when registering an event in a Theme House or residence hall lounge you will be asked to only host events with personal stereo equipment (i.e. iPod docking stations, radios, small stereo equipment).

When registering events with alcohol:

Read over the Alcohol Policy on pp. 41-46 the Student Handbook and Alcohol Event Registration form for all information related to having an event with alcohol. 

Below are just a few key points to keep in mind:

  • All events are limited to beer/wine and individuals 21 or over must bring their own alcohol to the event. The limit set by the University is 3 drinks per person for a 2 hour event, and 6 drinks per person for a 4 hour event.
  • Alcohol events may only be hosted between Friday at 5 p.m. through Sunday at 2 a.m. and may only last a maximum of 4 hours.
  • All events with alcohol must provide reasonable amounts of solid food (including carbohydrate and proteins) and non-alcoholic beverages. Food must be provided in proportions sufficient to serve the expected attendance. Please visit this website to learn more about the requirements regarding providing food at events with alcohol. You may contact Dining Services at x5996 for assistance with planning in order to meet this requirement.
  • Persons at least 21 years old are eligible to consume alcoholic beverages and must be identified by a marking system. Those coordinating the party in conjunction with TIPS monitors are responsible for regulating alcohol consumption and distribution. 
  • Events where alcohol is approved to be present must be setup in such a way that there exists only one main entrance to the event.