Reservable Spaces

Student Center Reservable Spaces

There are a variety of rooms across campus that are available for individuals to reserve for meetings and events. Below are the spaces that are available in the Student Center. 

Most spaces on campus can be reserved by submitting a request using the online reservation system or by sending an email request to Timberly Hewitt for assistance with reserving a space in the Student Center. The Winston Room and Hannon Room have specific requirements as according to the Room Usage Policy. Please contact Timberly directly for assistance with scheduling those specific spaces. Other location options are available by contacting Room Reservations at 315-229-5996.

Located on the lower level and third floors of the Sullivan Student Center, these open and larger spaces provide space for larger programming initiatives.

Winston Room and Atrium
SC Alumni Council Living Room 332

Located on the second and third floors of the Sullivan Student Center, these conference rooms are used by students, faculty, and staff.

Crandell Room, Room 232
Monaco Room, Room 242
Hannon Room, Room 322
Buckley Room 336