Mission & Learning Goals

The mission of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership is to provide students with unique and engaging opportunities for involvement that complements their academic experience. These opportunities incorporate principles of leadership and service through participation in clubs and organizations, student government, paraprofessional positions, and special events. By providing the support to students and organizations to create programming that enriches the campus community, we create a culture that inspires students to discover their full potential/initiate change.

Overall Department Goals:

·        Assist student leaders in development from participation to production – become leaders through involvement.

·        Through involvement help students to grow/develop transferable leadership skills which will be useful to student leaders beyond their time at St. Lawrence University.

·        Provide challenge, support and guidance to students and student organizations in providing programming, discussions and opportunities to expand world views and experience interacting with difference.

·        Help students to successfully navigate university resources for planning, promoting and executing campus events and programs.

·        Foster collaboration, communication and planning between student organizations and campus departments to minimize counter programming and maximize event attendance and participation

Learning Goals

In our mission to provide students with opportunities for involvement our aim is to provide students with the following abilities:

·        The ability to think critically and solve problems creatively

·        The ability to engage in productive dialogue with individuals whose background, opinions, and world view differ from their own.

·        The ability to become engaged members in their community.

·        The ability to execute leadership and management skills.

·        The ability to demonstrate responsibility within organizations.

·        The ability to promote healthy involvement through exploring the balance between co-curricular and curricular programs through individual advising and supervision.

·        The ability to participate in healthy social opportunities.