Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that are often asked by students. If you question is not included below than please come to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership to get your question answered!

How do I start a new club/organization?

What’s the difference between a Club and Organization?

A club is a group of SLU students with a common interest that has
registered their group with the student activities office. Registration
means that your organizations leaders will get formal invitations to
programming opportunities. It’s also the first step to becoming a
Student Organization.

An organization is a club that has petitioned the Thelomathesian
Society for organization status, and was approved. An organization is
granted the opportunity to submit a budget request/proposal to
SLUSAF/The Thelomathesian Society annually, and must remain in good
standing, which includes regular programming, communication, and
adherence to University policies. 

Do I really have to use Dining Services to cater my event?

What is SLUSAF?

The St. Lawrence University Student Activities Fund. This fee, set by the Thelomathesian Society, is paid by all undergraduate students and managed by the SLUSAF Central Treasurer and the SLUSAF Assistant Treasurer.

My posters and/or advertisements were torn down. What gives?

Do I need to fill out an event registration form?