Presence/SLUdent Life & Listserv Policy

In an effort to reduce email traffic, members of the Thelomathesian Society, Information Technology (IT), Student Life partnered in 2009 to create an alternative to the Listserv system that had become over-utilized.

The SLUdent Life Portal ( serves as the primary medium of communication between the campus community and the student body. Instead of innumerable emails regarding meeting times, announcements and surveys, applications, or deadlines from departments, individuals or clubs and organizations, this information is accessed  on the SLUdent Life Portal. In addition to important academic, social, and other St. Lawrence links SLUdent Life Portal displays events taking place on any given day, week, and month chronologically and hence makes it easy for you to access all-important information on one page. 

In order to submit an event or an announcement, you need to with your St. Lawrence network ID and password and before you submit you have the option to preview and edit.

If you have any questions regarding the usage of Presence please contact Alivia Bleau (Sheffield) at 315-229-5757 or

We thank you for using SLUdent Life Portal and sharing this important tool that will helps us to communicate efficiently here at St. Lawrence.