TIPS Program

What is TIPS?

TIPS stands for Training Intervention ProcedureS. The national TIPS program is an organization that educates individuals on the responsible consumption, sale and service of alcohol. Check out the National TIPS website for information on what the organizations has to offer. 

Here at St. Lawrence the Student Life Division trains students on TIPS for the University. This program teaches individual strategies for creating safe, responsible and socially enjoyable environments where alcohol may be present. During the three-hour training program participants learn about the consumption of alcohol and gain specific skills on detecting when a person has had too much to drink and how to intervene in alcohol-related situations.

What is the benefit of being TIPS trained?

The TIPS program provides the participants with information and strategies on participating in safe and responsible situations where alcohol is being consumed. Individuals who are TIPS certified for the University are able to volunteer across campus to work registered events. In addition, the TIPS program is a great risk management program to provide members of your organizations with the skills that can help them promote safe drinking practices. Please note that Dining Services does train some students with TIPS for On Premise program. This program is different than TIPS for the University and does not mean a TIPS monitor certified in the TIPS On Premise program is able to work a registered event.

Once you have completed the TIPS training program and pass the test associated with the training, you will be have a TIPS certification that will last you 3 years. As long as you continue to work as a TIPS monitor for events on campus, are in good standing with the University, and attend mandatory meetings related to the TIPS program, you will be able to continue to serve as TIPS monitor on campus.

Looking to become trained?

TIPS training sessions are offered each semester so individuals can become certified. Each training session is open to 20 participants and sign-ups are available at the Student Center Information Desk once the session has been announced.  Please check this website or Presence for announcements on training session dates and times.

Contact Information

Contact the Office of Student Activities and Leadership for more information on the next upcoming TIPS session.

Need a TIPS monitor for an event?

Check out the list of trained TIPS monitors willing to volunteer for events across campus.

Please note that this list does not reflect all certified TIPS for the University-trained monitors on campus. These are only the individuals who are willing to be contacted for events not planned by their organizations.

Also visit the TIPS Monitor and the Event Registration Process webpage to learn more about finding TIPS monitors to volunteer at an event.

Are you a TIPS monitor working an event?

There are many things to think about as a TIPS monitor when working an event. What you do may also change depending on whether you are working an event where alcohol will be present or if you are at a non-alcoholic event.

Remember to always wear your TIPS monitor t-shirt. If you are newly certified TIPS monitor make sure to come and pick up your TIPS shirt from the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. Take good care of your shirt as you will only be issued one!

Remember to pick up your TIPS packet and ID scanner before an event with alcohol. The TIPS packet will provide you with information on the event and bracelets for individuals at the event. The ID scanner allows you to quickly and accurately ID individuals for a bracelet at the door. These items can be picked up at Student Center Information on the day of the event and must be returned to the same location after an event has been completed.

Read over the Event Registration Forms for any events you are working! The Event Registration form is always emailed to you if you have signed up to work as a TIPS monitor. Make sure to read over the form and familiarize yourself with the event details. You will be responsible for ensuring that the event follows University and state policies related to alcohol consumption. In addition, you will be responsible for adhering to University policies and procedures related to your responsibilities as a TIPS monitor.