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Social Host Information

Social Hosts

Social Hosts are individuals who register an alcohol event or special event. Social Hosts who are registering an event where alcohol will be present must be 21+years of age and TIPS trained. Social Hosts registering a special event (no alcohol) do not need to meet an age requirement, nor do they need to be TIPS trained. In addition, all Social Hosts and organizations associated with the event must be in good standing with the University for an event to be approved.

When hosting an event, the sponsoring individual or organization is responsible for ensuring their event is safe for all individuals in attendance and assumes responsibility for what occurs during the event. In order to ensure the event is safe for all involved, the Social Host is expected to take reasonable steps toward planning for potentially unsafe situations. The event registration process assists a Social Host in ensuring they are taking these necessary steps.

When registering an event, the Social Host is agreeing to assume responsibility for ensuring the agreements made during the registration process and all University and state policies are followed. If these agreements are blatantly ignored or are not followed, a discussion will occur and the individual's ability to continue registering events may be revoked. As mentioned above, the registration process does aid Social Hosts in preparing for potentially unsafe situations, but oftentimes unexpected situations do arise during an event. That is why Social Hosts are expected to contact Safety and Security at x5555 if a problem (such as disruptive behavior, abuse of alcohol or drugs) occurs during an event or whenever they need assistance. Additionally, if an event is registered as a special event the expectation is that alcohol will not be present at the event. Therefore, Social Hosts and TIPS monitors are expected to ensure that any alcohol that does appear is removed immediately. Failure to report any problems at an event could result in a Social Host and TIPS monitors ability to register events or continue serving as a TIPS monitor on campus.