Reserving Facilities Policy Summary

Responsibilities of Organizations Using Campus Facilities

Registered student organizations may reserve campus facilities only through their officers or designated active members. Organizations with reservations are responsible for:

  • how facilities are used during the reserved time.
  • damages to facilities including any financial loss to the University.
  • violations of University regulations as well as state, local or federal laws occurring in facilities.
  • general clean-up of facilities after use including the collection of trash in proper receptacles, recycling refuse whenever possible. Organization may be held responsible for costs associated with the clean-up of their event if a reasonable effort is not made to clean up following the event.

Helpful Hints!

When making a room reservation, have the following information ready:

  • Date of Event
  • Type of Event
  • Organization
  • Contact Person
  • Room You Wish to Reserve
  • Start and End Times
  • Set-up Required
  • Number of Participants Expected
  • Special Support Services (AV, Catering, etc.)
  • Student Organization Account Number

Schedule Early.

This will help you get the space best suited for your event. Many spaces such as the Winston Room and Eben Holden are often booked months in advance so it is important for your organization to plan ahead when wanting to use one of those spaces.

Spot Potential Conflicts.

The University plans certain weekends for major campus events. These include Family Weekend, Trustee meetings, open houses, Commencement, etc. (please visit the University master calendar) Avoid scheduling additional activities when major events are planned. University resources are limited. Consider alternative dates to schedule your activity when other events have already been scheduled on campus.

Clean Up!

When making your reservations ask questions about whether trash cans or extra bags will be available for your organization to use to clean up following the event. Gather information on where you can locate a vacuum, broom, dustpan, or mop. Your organization will be responsible for leaving the space as you found it so make sure the to take an inventory of the space when you arrive and before you leave. Your organization may be held responsible financially for labor charges associated with cleaning up the venue after your event, so please take the time to determine what you can do to leave the place spotless.

Responsibility of the Space

Your organization as mentioned above assumes responsibility for the space reserved for the event and other surrounding areas guests of your event may utilize throughout the duration of the event. Therefore it is extremely important that you take an inventory of the room as you arrive to note how the room looks, what items are in the space at the time of your arrival, and if there are already damages/messes in the space. If you do notice that there is a damage in the space report it either to the Student Center Information Desk immediately if you are in the Student Center or to Safety and Security for other campus spaces.

Prohibited Decorations

Please note that oftentimes there are guidelines on what can be used in the space. Ask for a list of prohibited decorations when reserving a space so you are informed regarding what you can and cannot use at your event to liven up the space.

Sullivan Student Center Prohibited Decorations List

  • Confetti, ribbons, little pieces of material
  • Fog machines
  • Helium balloons
  • Any decorations that require using heavy duty tape (such as duct tape) on fixtures or surfaces in the space