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Not Available for fall 2022

Special Note: Mask Required.

Community Mentor

Agency and Placement Location: 1894 State Highway 68 Canton, NY 13617

Mission: According to its website:" The Sustainability Program gives the next generation of thinkers and leaders the tools to tackle the globally important challenges of sustainability. There is an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and diversity of thought within our definitions and analyses of sustainability." "At the Sustainability House students explore sustainable living. We think globally and act locally!"

"The Sustainability House is located approximately 4 miles from the St. Lawrence University campus on Highway 68 in Canton. The Sustainability House is utilized by SLU Students throughout the year with the Sustainability Program. The house is located on 33.5 acres of land, leased to the University through Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), complete with a garden, chickens, pigs & a large quonset hut. Converting the buildings and grounds into energy efficient, non-fossil fuel-reliant structures and gardens capable of feeding the residents, will be on-going projects planned and carried out by and with SLU students and community members as part of the experience of the Sustainability Program."

Projects:  TBD​​​​​​

Agency Requirement: TBD