SLU Counseling Center

SLU Counseling Center

Not Available for fall 2022

Community Mentor

Agency and Placement Location: Diana B. Torrey ‘82 Health and Counseling Center

Mission: According to its website: SLU Counseling Center is to provide " Counseling is no more than an interaction between two people in which one individual shares their concerns with another who is trained in the field of counseling. Counseling can be instrumental in the development of skills that help students effectively confront and cope with uncertainties and conflicts. Through sessions with a professional counselor, a student can clarify his or her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sessions also provide an opportunity to learn and practice skill for healthy, proactive living.


  • Continue building a Peer to Peer support program 
  • Instagram and other social media posts around mental health and wellness
  • Mental Wellth nights – in person wellness activities.
  • Create more diversity and cultural experiences and awareness on mental health and wellness approaches.
  • Complete trainings as they are available

Agency Requirement: