Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective

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Community Mentor: Mariam Waqar Khattak mkhat19@stlawu.edu

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Mission: The Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective is a Maternal, Child and Women’s Wellness Centre located in the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory.  According to its website: Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective is to nurture the Cycles of Life. " We will reawaken the strength of all mothers to bring forward the love and medicines from the Mother Earth which we dance upon, because we remember the coming faces." OMC has provided a balance of traditional and contemporary Midwifery services and cultural programs. Committed to providing the best experience possible, the Onkwehon:we Midwives Collective is focused on giving one multiple options as to best suit their own personal needs and wishes.

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