Academic Advising forms (major, minor, and advisor add/change/drop) are now all completed through an online process here:

You still need to meet with your prospective advisor ahead of time for major declaration or advisor add or change. For minor or major declaration, you still need to get the approval of the chair/coordinator. For some majors, you must fill out an application or major contract or fulfill other expectations required by the department.

When you are submitting a major or minor declaration, you do not need to submit an advisor add/change form. Your major advisor will be added when you submit the major declaration.

Instructions for students

Instructions for advisors and chairs/coordinators

Note: If you have questions, please contact

Academic planning worksheet

Syllabus map

16-hour day planning worksheet

Registrar's Office forms are now completed through an online process here:

This includes add/drop, pass/fail, course withdrawal, overload, and academic petitions.

Student Life forms:

For medical withdrawal (from a single course or from the entire semester), contact Elaine White (Student Center 233, 315-229-5311,

For personal withdrawal or leave of absence, contact Suzanne Noble (Student Center 238, 315-229-5550,