Online major/minor/advisor form instructions for students

Link for major/minor/advisor declaration:

Instruction video

Once you click on the link and log in, you will see a screen showing "Instructions," "Current Majors, Minors, and Advisors," "What action are you taking...?," and, once you fill out your request, "Approval."

Please read the instructions closely, and in particular, remember that you should only be filling out a major, minor, or advisor declaration form after talking to the relevant faculty or staff ahead of time.

In the “Current Majors, Minors, and Advisors” section, you will see your current information. This information cannot be changed. If there is an error in any of it, please leave a note in the Notes field.

Below this, you will see "What action are you taking...?" You will have the choices "Add," "Replace," or "Drop." Use “add” when you are first declaring a major or when you are adding a second major or a second minor or an additional advisor.

When you add a major or an advisor, you will be asked if you wish to keep your current academic advisor(s) as well as adding a new one. This is only relevant when adding an advisor without changing a major or when you first declare a major. If you are adding a second major or declaring a minor, you must still have an academic advisor in your first major.

If your major department requires additional documentation, such as an unofficial transcript or major contract, you may add an attachment (this option will appear below the "Notes" area).

In the approval section, select your new advisor (if you are declaring a minor, this must be the department chair or program coordinator and has already been selected for you)—remember, you must have already talked to that person ahead of time. If you are declaring a combined major, you must select an advisor for each half of the combined major.

Once you click Submit, you are done. You can log in again to see the status of your application. Once it is completed, you will receive notification by e-mail.