Peer Tutoring

Requesting a Tutor

  • Requests may be made using our online request form; once completed, a tutor will typically be assigned to you via e-mail within a day or two.
  • Free tutoring is available for many introductory courses and for some popular intermediate-level courses (i.e., many 100-level and selected 200-level classes); we do our best to provide as much coverage across the St. Lawrence curriculum as we can.
  • Students are responsible for contacting their new tutor by email once an assignment has been made to arrange a time to meet.  
  • We recommend that tutors and tutees made plans to meet regularly, ideally once per week.
  • In some situations, the Coordinator of Academic Engagement will help you connect with a complementary peer support resource, like the PQRC or a course or departmental TA.

Our Mission

The ultimate aim of tutoring is to help students become independent and successful learners. Tutoring has been found to help students improve grades, get work done in less time, understand materials better, recall course-content over longer periods, develop more advanced academic skill sets, and most importantly, become better learners in general. 

Tutoring can be available to any students who feel they could be learning more successfully, efficiently, or joyfully than they are. In fact, tutors themselves often request tutoring since they know firsthand how helpful the service can be. 

Apply to be a Tutor

Student may apply to work in the program by completing the prompts in this link.

All tutors have a demonstrated mastery of course content (a minimum of 3.25 in the courses they tutor), an overall 3.0 cumulative GPA, and personal attitudes and abilities suitable for tutoring. They also receive regular training in the principles and best practices of tutoring. 

The primary focuses of tutoring are to:

  1. Assess the learning task and the student's skills;
  2. Provide direct instruction where necessary;
  3. Provide sustained corrective feedback;
  4. Model skills and strategies;
  5. Provide opportunities for students to practice.

Peer tutoring is a paid position for students within St. Lawrence's Academic Advising Department.  Schedules are flexible, and tutors generally work between 3-6 hours per week (depending on student demand). If you would like to know more about the program, please contact the Coordinator of Academic Engagement.   

Academic Mentoring:

We have a group of tutors who are happy to serve as academic mentors for their fellow students.  Feel free to click on this link if you would like to have coffee or hot chocolate with a tutor about good academic tools and habits, ways to make the most of the St. Lawrence experience, and/or how to connect around the SLU community in positive ways.