Internal and external scholarships and fellowships

There are many wonderful opportunities to supplement your academic work with research, internships, jobs, and other experiences that can help you develop your capacities and will make you more competitive on the job market and when applying to graduate schools. SLU itself offers many programs internally, while others are sponsored by a philanthropic organization or government and are often fully funded.

Internal opportunities

The Center for Career Excellence has compiled a guide to internal SLU opportunities.

The advantage of internal funding opportunities is that they often have simpler application processes and are easier to get. You will often have the opportunity to work closely with SLU faculty, staff, and alumni. At the same time, they are sometimes smaller in scope and less prestigious than external awards.

External opportunities

Thousands of funding sources and opportunities exist in all fields and open to all kinds of students. Many are sponsored or partially sponsored by the US government (such as Fulbright, NSF, Gilman, Boren, Pickering, and Payne), while others are sponsored by private foundations or other governments (such as Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, DAAD, or Schwarzman). Many are for study in a particular country or at a particular university, or to study a particular subject. You should check with the faculty in your major field about opportunities that might be appropriate for you.

Director of Experiential Learning & Employer Engagement Geoff Falen has compiled a list of some of the major external fellowship and grant opportunities.

CIIS has also compiled a list of some external scholarships that support and promote study abroad. CIIS also offers several internal travel grants.

many institutions maintain lists of scholarships and fellowships, which you can find by searching online.