Graduate School

About one in five St. Lawrence students enroll in postgraduate programs immediately after graduation, and half enroll in a graduate degree program within five years. A Master's or other advanced degree is required for many careers, and it opens up significant avenues of professional advancement. A well-rounded liberal arts education provides a strong basis for graduate study, for which the ability to think creatively, undertake research, and solve problems is at least as important as any specific undergraduate knowledge base.

Whether you are considering graduate school immediately upon graduation or some time later, there is much you can do during your time at SLU to prepare yourself. The information provided here is applicable to a wide variety of graduate programs.

For information specific to your major or a particular field of study, you should consult your major advisor, your department webpages, and pages for any relevant combined or pre-professional track (Engineering Combined Programs, Pre-Health Program, Masters of Business Combined Programs, Pre-Law, etc.). Your academic advisor is one of your most important graduate school resources, as he or she knows your particular intellectual interests and academic strengths, knows about a variety of graduate program options, and will be an important recommender in the application process.

If you are eligible for the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) or the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program, our CSTEP & McNair office can be of invaluable assistance in preparing you for graduate study.