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Do you need help? Sorting out where you are academically and where you are going? Understanding your academic standing? Figuring out policies and procedures? Processing what has happened during this very challenging year and a half? Thinking about your future after college?

We are here to help!

Make an individual appointment at a time that works for you:

Colleen Coakley:

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Read about what we do: Academic Support

We can also help you get pointed in the right direction if you have other concerns (about registration, financial issues, co-curricular issues, etc.)--we usually know who can help you, even if it isn't us.

* Note: When classes are not in session (summer break, winter break, and mid-semester breaks), please e-mail for appointment availability.

Getting back on track academically

A decision tree to help students who are behind credits to graduate

A decision tree to help students who are behind in credits or requirements