Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence

Personal withdrawal

If a student wishes to leave the University for non-medical reasons and does not intend to return (plans to transfer to another university or take extended time away from university studies), the student must submit a request for a personal withdrawal to the Dean of Student Life.

While a personal withdrawal signals that the student does not intend to return to St. Lawrence, a student who has taken a personal withdrawal from the University has the option to apply for readmission to St. Lawrence at any time after the semester during which the student withdrew. The deadline for readmission is 30 days prior to the start of the term (roughly late July for the Fall semester and mid-December for the Spring semester).

Leave of Absence 
A leave of absence may be granted by the Dean of Student Life to any student who is in good academic and social standing who wishes to take time away from their studies, whether due to academic challenges or personal circumstances. A leave of absence is similar to a personal withdrawal, but it signals the student's intention to return to the University within the next three semesters.

Withdrawal/leave of absence request form

A student wishing to return from a personal withdrawal or leave of absence must apply for readmission through the Student Life office.