Medical withdrawal from a semester

A student dealing with a serious medical issue may find that it is impossible to devote sufficient energy to coursework to succeed academically. In such a case, it is possible to medically withdraw from the university for the semester.

Medical withdrawals are the responsibility of the Vice President and Dean of Student Life, who consults in every instance with the Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs before making a decision. Documentation from an appropriate medical, psychiatric, or psychological professional must be provided at the time of application. If approved, the registrar enters a “WM” grade for all enrolled courses. The medical withdrawal continues for the remainder of the semester and, in most circumstances, for at least one additional semester. While on medical withdrawal, the student must be absent from campus, unless the Vice President and Dean of Student Life expressly allows access.

A full medical withdrawal request must be made to the Vice President and Dean of Student Life by the day before classes begin in the subsequent semester. The student must take the semester after the medical withdrawal away. 

If a student who is on a medical withdrawal from the University applies for readmission to St. Lawrence, a certified medical professional must supply the Student Life office with a letter giving professional assurance that the student has recovered from the medical problem and that there is a reasonable assurance that the student can successfully resume his or her career at St. Lawrence. Students may contact Student Financial Services to see if a Tuition Refund Plan credit may be available to a student readmitted to St. Lawrence after taking a full medical withdrawal in a prior semester.

Any student wishing to pursue this option should contact Elaine White ( in the Student Life office, Sullivan Student Center (315-229-5311) and then fill out the withdrawal form.

A student wishing to request a medical withdrawal from a single course should also consult the Student Life office.

For the complete policy, please see the "Withdrawal from a Course" section of the most current University Catalog.