Readmission Information

Readmission from a Medical Withdrawal, Personal Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, or Disciplinary Suspension

If a student who is on a medical withdrawal from the University applies for readmission to St. Lawrence, the student’s physician or another certified medical professional must supply the Student Life office with a letter giving professional assurance that the student has recovered from the medical problem and that there is a reasonable assurance that the student can successfully resume his or her career at St. Lawrence.

A student who has taken a personal withdrawal or leave of absence may be readmitted at the start of a term provided that:

  • readmission is within three terms of the student’s leaving (leave of absence only);
  • the University receives a 30-day notice of the student’s intention to return; and
  • there is housing and classroom space available

A student who has been disciplinarily suspended may be readmitted upon satisfying the conditions specified when suspended.

Readmission checklist

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Readmission from Academic Suspension

To be readmitted from an academic suspension, you must gain the approval of the Academic Standing Committee. When you fill out the readmission application, you must write an explanation for why you wish to be readmitted to St. Lawrence University, addressing the following:

  • The challenges that led to your poor academic performance at St. Lawrence
  • What you have done while away from the university to address the factors that led you to struggle while you were here
  • Why you think you will be able to succeed academically if you are readmitted
  • Your plan to maximize your chances of success if you return

In addition to this explanation, you may submit any of the following:

  • Official transcripts of academic work you have taken elsewhere
  • Letters from supervisors for any jobs, internships, or volunteer activities you have engaged in while away

The Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs may contact you if the Academic Standing Committee requires additional information or a phone interview. If you have questions, please contact the Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs (, 315-229-5121, or schedule a virtual meeting).

Readmission checklist

Readmission form