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Mathematics, computer science, and statistics - distinct programs that share a single home at St. Lawrence - are each deeply rooted in the Liberal Arts. Within each of these majors, introductory courses foster the critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills necessary for all disciplines while upper-level courses sharpen these skills and introduce students to the deeper world of the majors.

At St. Lawrence, you’ll get great hands-on experience through courses and research opportunities with classmates and professors. Our department emphasizes conceptual learning, allowing students to transfer the skills they learn in one discipline to another, creating well-rounded problem solvers. The three disciplines have many points of intersection, so it is not uncommon for students to concentrate in more than one of our disciplines through major/minor combinations.

Upon completion of their degree, our majors are prepared to either go on to graduate school or into the work-force. Graduates have pursued advanced degrees in each of our three majors, along with related fields like data science, engineering, and finance/business. In the work force, students are prepared for a wide variety of careers; recent examples include medical research, financial management, software development, information technology, actuarial science, and sports analytics. The skills obtained by studying mathematics, computer science, and statistics are utilized in almost any career-field, making the employment opportunities numerous.

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