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Academic Advising forms:

Major declaration

Minor declaration

Advisor change

Academic planning worksheet

Syllabus map

16-hour day planning worksheet


Registrar's Office forms:


• Starting in Fall 2019, the only required signature is for an ADD. For a DROP, the student must still complete the course and section information and print the name of the professor, and must also inform the professor of the class immediately. While the advisor signature is not required, it is extremely important for students to be in close contact with their academic advisors about all changes to their schedules.


Course withdrawal


ILC completion

• The ILC is required for students who matriculated from 2013-2015, optional students who matriculated from 2016-2018, and no longer a part of the curriculum for students matriculating from 2019 on.

Academic Petition


For Student Life forms:

For medical withdrawal (from a single course or from the entire semester), contact Elaine White (Student Center 233, 315-229-5311,

For personal withdrawal or leave of absence, contact Suzanne Noble (Student Center 238, 315-229-5550,