Creative Advertising Ideas


Student Center

·         Hang a banner in the Student Center

·         Pass out posters in the Pub or Dana during peak meal times

·         Have an informational table on the 1st floor (reserve through Timberly Hewitt)


Academic Buildings

·         Door hangers

·         Write on whiteboards (study rooms, classrooms)

·         Dry erase markers on mirrors

·         Post eye-catching flyers (unique shapes, 3D pop-outs, etc.)


Residence Halls (get permission from Residence Life first)

·         Signs on CA’s bulletin boards

·         Slide papers under doors

·         Have a CA on duty spread the word on rounds

·         Cover your door with event info


Around Campus

·         Put signs on traffic cones

·         Flyers under windshield wipers

·         Make announcements with a megaphone

·         Flyers on bike racks

·         Flyers on bathroom stall doors

·         Hang balloons around campus with information

·         Chalk advertising on sidewalks (or paint snow with food coloring)

·         Hang large posters from trees

·         Have group members take turns walking around campus with a sandwich board with event information

·         Information on paper bags filled with sand, lining a walkway

·         Signs out 2nd floor windows of buildings

·         Write on something other than paper (e.g. playing cards, paper airplanes)

·         Footprints leading to the event

·         Flash mobs or other theatrics

·         Dana napkin holders (get approval from Dining Services)

·         Tiny flags in Dana dessert (get approval)

·         Table tents in the Pub (get approval)

·         Stickers on coffee sleeves in the pub or the bookstore (get approval)

·         Lollipops with messages

·         Flags throughout campus

·         Leave notes on people’s backpacks

·         Reverse an old t-shirt, write event information, wear around campus

·         Post-it notes en mass

·         Use cut outs of 3D objects to get attention

·         Give 5 friends flyers and ask them to hand out as they walk through campus

·         Create a removable mural: decorate a wall with information


Other Advertising

·         Send posters via campus mail (need approval from Mail Center)

·         The Hill News

·         KSLU

·         Include information in your e-mail signature

·         Ask local businesses to put ¼ sheet flyers on counters, desks

·         Go to an event that is likely to attract a similar audience and pass out flyers at the door

·         Word of mouth – talk about your event!