Student Club & Organization Descriptions

Here are our current active clubs and organizations with their current president listed. This list is updated once per semester. for the most up-to-date club information and contact information visit and login to the SLUdent Life Portal:

Full List:

Active Minds
President: Samuel T. Heikkinen

By developing and supporting chapters of a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group on campuses nationwide, the nonprofit organization works to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as liaison between students and the mental health community.
Through campus-wide events and national programs, Active Minds aims to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, and create a comfortable environment for an open conversation about mental health issues on campuses nationwide.

Advocates Program
President: Audrey A. DeBritz

To spread awareness about sexual assault and intimate partner violence and to provide support to survivors of sexual and domestic violence through our 24-hour helpline.

African Student Union
President: Shanice H. Arlow

Promotes awareness about Africa and African countries. We do not seek to exclude, but to include the campus on the workings of African culture and provide students who have been and are from African nations a place to share their experiences - and for others to hear them.

Alpha Phi Omega
President: Elle J. Gray

Alpha Tau Omega – Alpha Omicron Chapter
President: Mauricio Bustamante

American Chemical Society
President: Nicole C. Rosenburg

ACS is an organization that promotes unity and communication between students who are interested or who have declared science majors. We participate in multiple community activities and interact with professionals in various medical and scientific fields in order to guide inquiring students.


Anthropology Club

President: Molly E. Bushnell

To explore different applications and studies of Anthropology through cultural activities and field trips.


Asian Students Intercultural Association

President: Stanzin Idga

To promote diversity awareness of diversity in the St. Lawrence community and create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone regardless of their ethnicity.


Association for Campus Entertainment

President: Blair T. Champion

To bring consistent quality entertainment to St. Lawrence University.


Black Student Union

President: Brianna F. Duverge

Our mission is to create unification amongst students of color and the rest of the student body within the St. Lawrence community as well as their own community. We are committed to taking a proactive role in the development of positive awareness of Black culture and the development of strong student leadership. BSU upholds the responsibility to promote, advertise, educate, fundraise, and serve; ultimately providing a forum for all students to voice their differences, goals, and ideas.



President: Cassandra J. Kunert



President: Hogan J. Dwyer

We spread the word about carbon pricing on campus and empower SLU students to become politically active to support a price on carbon in New York State and beyond. We also lobby local representatives like Rep. Elise Stefanik to publicly endorse carbon pricing.


Cheerleading Team

President: Montana R. McMahon

We are a student-run group that hopes to encourage school spirit at athletic events on campus.


Chess Society

President: Sarah E. Moon

To play chess in a welcoming and learning environment.


Chi Omega – Epsilon Kappa Chapter

President: Marina C. Thornbury


Chinese Students Association

President: Zihao Liu

We host several events which allow participants to have fun and meet new people. Some of our more well-known events include dim sum and game nights and the annual Lunar New Year Banquet. Join us to find out what CSA is all about!


Circle K

President: Tyler K. Schmalz

Provide a fun and loving service to the community around Canton.


Class of 2019 Council

President: Isabella S. Winston


Class of 2021 Class Council

Co-presidents: Cooper D. McCrillis and George B. Doyle


Club of American Sign Language

President: Svetlana Kononenko

We seek to learn ASL in order to be able to communicate with members of our community who experience hearing difficulties or disabilities. The club is based on the idea of the importance of a diverse and inclusive community where an individual feels comfortable in using the most convenient forms and modes of communication (for example, sign language).


Club SLU

President: Elle J. Gray


Coed Hockey

President: Brian J. Suslow

We are providing an opportunity for students to play competitive hockey here on campus, but they do not want to hit. This is a coed team and is open to all.


Connecting Laurentians Around Wilderness

President: Aliya Brown

To create an inclusive outdoor community on campus that provides an introduction for newcomers and strengthens engagement for those already passionate.


Creative Writing Club

President: Nicholas Filannino

The club hopes to expand people's interest and passion for creative writing. It also hopes to increase student's confidence in their work and their abilities as young writers.


Crown Royalties Investment Club

President: Margar Harutyunyan

Our goal is to provide an educational environment for our members while making sound investment decisions in the allocation of our portfolio.


Dance Ensemble

Co-presidents: Lindsay R. Lembo, Isabella C Purpora, Abbie R. Cooper, Sarina R. Wilson, Paige M. Currie, and Dana M. Congelosi

To provide a creative outlet for all students to participate in student choreographed pieces and perform them in front of the student body each semester.




Dance Team

President: Kirsten A. Werner

A group of students that share a love for dance and performance


Delta Delta Delta – Beta Chapter

President: Mary K. Gallagher


Divestment Club

Co-presidents: Alaina M. Ring and Ruby A. Marden

We are working to divest 100% of St. Lawrence's endowment away from fossil fuels and help advance a campus-wide transition to renewable energy sources.


Environmental Action Organization

Co-presidents: Christine I. Circoran, Ella S. Nielson, Elsa A. Eckhardt, and Nicholas Filannino

To make St. Lawrence a truly sustainable place to live!


Figure Skating Club

President: Shelby N. Little

To provide a means of participating in the sport of figure skating, from the recreational level up through intercollegiate competition.


Film Club

President: Nicholas P. Menghini

To offer students on campus a chance to get into video production and learn the technical aspect of filmmaking. We also go over the creative process behind each film. This offers students on campus an opportunity to work with others on campus who are interested in filmmaking.

Film Club runs tutorials on editing software and cinematography/camera techniques and skills. These tutorials are open to anyone on campus.


French Club

President: Aune H. Nuyttens

Provides St. Lawrence University students the opportunity to establish friendships and networks with their peers centered around the love and admiration of French and/or Francophone culture


Future Entrepreneurs of America

President: Cade D. Gleekel

We hope to take students ideas and talk them through to a point where they exist outside their head. The goal is to take an idea and critique it, adapt it, and develop it as if it were being implemented into the real world. This way we can gain skills in problem solving and planning that will provide a backbone to our grandious creativity.



Geology Club

President: Kari R. LaPierre


Graceful Movements

President: Jackeline Cortez

To give students a chance to explore the elegance and gracefulness of art expressed through various styles of dance from different cultures and bond over the love of dance and performance.


Habitat for Humanity

President: Brendan R. O’Neil

Raise awareness for housing crises worldwide, work in conjunction with local and national subsidiaries of Habitat International to take action/provide aid for the housing crisis, and get students and community members involved in the service efforts of Habitat for Humanity


Her Campus St. Law U

President: Katherine O. Leffel

We aim to make Her Campus a magazine that is accessible and helpful to all women on campus.


Humane Society Club

Co-presidents: Shania E. Muncil and Chelsea De Luca

Our goal is to raise money and awareness for the Potsdam Humane Society. We hope to have SLU students volunteer to give the animals some much needed human interaction. The staff are overworked and we could help with the day to day operations as well.


Islamic Culture Club

President: Iram Amin

Spread awareness of issues that minority groups, especially Muslims, face at St. Lawrence. ICC also wants to create safe space for minority students. ICC wants to break barriers to allow for understand and acceptance of each other as well as to promote compassion amongst each other.


Jewish Student Union

President: Jordan E. Eichhholz


Kappa Delta Sigma

President: Jenna Bailey


Kappa Kappa Gamma – Beta Beta Deuteron Chapter

President: Katherine A. Hargrave





KSLU Radio

President: Charles Sirotek

KSLU provides the St. Lawrence University's student body with the ability to broadcast and share their favorite music, passionate discussions, and funny dialogue with a larger audience. KSLU is proud to now offer student recording services


La Sociedad Hispana (The Hispanic Society)

President: Gabriella E. Diaz

Bringing Hispanic cultural awareness to the St. Lawrence University community through informational presentations, cultural self-expression through the arts, and historical and cultural celebrations with a fusion of time periods throughout Latin America and traditional styles.


Laurentian Paddle Sports

President: David C. Bain

The purpose of the Laurentian Paddle sports club is to be competitive in the collegiate division of canoe races.



President: Donovan K. Spaulding and Shannon Wolpiuk

To spread happiness, love, and balance to the campus and canton community through mindful workshops and events.


Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence

President: Kyle J. Kuty

Men in Color

President: Francisco A. Rodriguez

We seek to establish a permanent organization that will consist of an executive board and dedicated members. This group strives to plan reasonably and take immediate action in order to achieve the set goals of each semester. Some goals include: mentoring, volunteering, community service, advocating, and fundraising. We also strive to compose a successful Alumni Network that will assist its members at whatever cost with their post-graduation career and education plans. Select members of MIC will serve as members to underclassmen, first-years in particular. In a few years, those who attend(ed) St. Lawrence University will be able to look at this group as an example of progress in all fields.

Men’s Lacrosse (club)

President: Robert W. Phinney

Model Organization of American States

President: Andrea S. Ayala

The MOAS is for students of the Hemisphere It is a program designed to promote democratic values among the youth of the Hemisphere by familiarizing students, faculty and academic institutions of the Americas with the work of the OAS and its Member States, as well as with the Organization's role as the premier political forum in the Hemisphere. The MOAS is a simulation exercise where, through role-playing, the students represent the diplomats and political officials of the Member States of the OAS and follow parliamentary proceedings to debate and approve resolutions dealing with current issues on the Inter-American agenda. The Models foster the development of leadership skills in youth such as negotiation, team-work and problem solving.

The MOAS program seeks to reach out to as many students as possible through the organization of model assemblies in any of the OAS Member States. Each year approximately 1500 students and 100 teachers from throughout the Hemisphere participate in the various MOAS.

In addition, universities in the Hemisphere have developed a rich course curriculum based on the MOAS, to teach Inter-American issues, Multilateral/International Relations, Diplomacy, International Organizations, and the Inter-American System, among others, and to prepare students for participation in the MOAS.


Model U.N.

President: Connor G. Giltz


Native American Student Alliance

President: Raven M. Larcom

To bring awareness and strengthen the Native American presence on campus.


Nordic Ski Club

President: Christine I. Corcoran


Omicron Delta Kappa

President: Floor Fiers


ONE Campus @ SLU

Co-presidents: Svetlana Kononenko and Floor Fiers

We hope to engage in creative advocacy campaigns that mobilize students, faculty, and alumni to support the smart international development programs that are saving lives and improving futures around the world. This might be through on campus campaigns, but also through advocacy work (e.g. contacting local politicians).


Outing Club

President: Ruben Z. Castren

We work to provide opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts!


Peer Mentoring

President: Amanda Polloni

Our purpose is to create an outlet for students in order to reach out to upperclassmen with questions regarding class registration, major/minor interests, campus clubs/organizations, & transitioning into the St. Lawrence community. We hope to develop a student-run system where upperclassmen can act as liaisons between the students & faculty by directing incoming students in the proper direction in order to access certain resources, answer their questions, creating new relationships on campus.


Performing Arts Annex Club

President: Alexandra M. Perlow

We want to provide an outlet for expression - be it through music, humor, or literature. As of right now, Pub 56 has a tradition of hosting only events related to music. We are hoping to establish some events along the lines of slam poetry or stand-up comedy.


Photography Club

President: Nathaniel X. Boechat


Planned Parenthood Generation Action

President: Ella F. Charlesworth

The goal of PPGA is to engage and educate young adults and community members on women's rights and reproductive health, as well as build and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment.


PLEN Chapter at St. Lawrence

President: Kaylee M. Converse

Our PLEN Chapter has three purposes - 1. Recruit more women from campus to attend a PLEN seminar
; 2. Lead pre-seminar orientation sessions for students attending a PLEN seminar
; 3. Report best practices of PLEN outreach to your campus to PLEN HQ

Our PLEN Chapter collaborates with other groups on campus to promote women leadership.


Pre-Dental Society

Presidents: Parker T. Johnson and Tabitha Barr

To prepare students for dental or dental hygiene school and to educate and promote dental health on campus and in the surrounding community.


Pre-Health Club

President: Trevor K Nesmith and Erica E. Byrne

The purpose of the Pre-Health Club SLU is to serve the interests of students pursuing careers in health at SLU.


Pre-Veterinary Club

President: Shyanna R Laubscher

We hope to establish a stronger support system for pre-veterinary students and help guide students toward success.


Project Pengyou SLU Chapter

Presidents: Yanfrei Mao and Zeijan Zhou

Serve as a platform between domestic and international students, with an emphasis on Chinese-US student relations. We want to create an environment where such students can build friendships with one another, fight xenophobia and promote collaboration, inclusion and mutual understanding in the greater St. Lawrence community.


Reading Buddies for St. Mary’s School

President: Alexandra R Oskam

Help children get excited about reading!


Riding Team

Captain: Caitlin Doocy


President: Madison M Shumacher

Weekly service with the Church and Community program, Bittersweet Farm, Boys and Girls Club, collaborative dinners and breakfast with Canton Rotary, October Rotaract Conference, Halloween Fun Fest, Sleepout for Homelessness Awareness and campus wide awareness days.

Sakai is used to communicate with members, email the president to be added to the sakai page.


St Lawrence River Alliance

President: Jessie M. Meyer

To protect and preserve the St. Lawrence River.


Seed to Table

President: Sarah J Dancer

Through seed to table we hope to increase knowledge on where our food comes from. We aim to provide dining services with as much local and organic produce as possible.


Singing Saints

President: Christian J Eveleigh

We as a group hope to promote a capella music through our performances and brighten the minds of our peers.


Skeet and Trapshooting Club

President: Thomas K Talbot

The Skeet & Trapshooting Club's objective is to give students the opportunity to sharpen their patience, self control, and discipline in a safe and fun environment. Along with developing strong community ties.


Ski Club

President: Emma M. Putre


SLU Anime Club

President: Meredith R Gilman

Members use Anime as a way of understanding Japanese language, culture, and sometimes the directors behind certain films and their influences and/or statements on Japanese society. Of course, some just sit back and enjoy the show as well.


SLU Bass Fishing

President: Kyle J Kuty

For those who enjoy any and all kinds of fishing.


SLU Boxing Club

President: Gabriella E Diaz

We hope to accomplish a healthy physical and mental mindset through boxing.


SLU Club Golf

President: Alexander J Dunn

To play golf with slightly more structure and competition than just recreational golf, but still relaxed and fun

To improve our skills, and practice frequently in groups. On the St Lawrence University Appleton course, or the driving range, or the indoor golf simulator


SLU Club Tennis

President: Nathaniel X. Boechat

To play tennis casually and competitively.


SLU Cycling

President: Elina G Breton


SLU Euphrates Institute

President: Macalah P Pcolar

We are inspired by the Middle East as a cradle of civilization and the place where the global issues of security, energy, and religion and their impact are most concentrated.

We strive to practice the Golden Rule, locally and globally.

We believe the world is interconnected and interdependent.

We believe there is a solution to every global challenge.

We seek to humanize the Other.

We get beyond headlines of despair and highlight the good.

We agree with Albert Einstein’s sentiment that problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.


SLU Health and Fitness Club

President: Chelsea De Luca


SLU Legal

President: Stashania S Harris

To promote citizenship and active participation in society.

To learn about the ways of the U.S. Government, Constitution, and law.

To provide members with an understanding of how to pursue a career in law.

To debate and investigate important issues in our society.


SLU Nutrition Club

President: Eric R Teece

Our club hopes to bring together individuals with similar health goals and educate them on how to eat healthy in college dining halls, or wherever they may be.





SLU Republicans

President: John W DeVito

To promote fiscally conservative ideals, as well as campaign and fundraise. Debate current topics and hear from students on all sides of the political spectrum


SLU Scuba

Presidents: Rachel A Loyst and Brian L Suslow

Explore the underwater world safely, gain useful skills and earn various levels of your SCUBA certification.


SLU Squash Club

President: Kyler S Cubbage


SLU Table Tennis

President: August R Vitzthum

This club is meant to promote table tennis beyond casual play at St. Lawrence University.


Social Saints

President: Sohel Rana

1. Staff Appreciation Night

2. Cross-cultural immersion

3. Arts Education

4. Community Services

5. Let’s Fight Hunger (future plans)


Society of Physics Students

President: Emma L Kitchner

Our Club hopes to explore physics through a different lens than a typical physics class and have fun while doing so.



President: Colin W Crosby

Spectrum is a group whose mission is facilitating a stronger LGBTQ community on St. Lawrence’s Campus that works towards having a safe, inclusive, and informed campus for all people. This group hopes to provide space for people to share their views, ask questions, and find resources. These resources include pamphlets, books, web information, and a sense of community to provide support. Activism is also a major component of any social justice group or organization. For Spectrum this means raising awareness around LGBTQ people and issues, joining other social movements in solidarity with their cause, and representing those who historically have had their voices silenced. Spectrum is a place for all people regardless of age, class, race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, or spirituality.



Spoon University

President: Charlotte E Barry

We hope to recruit new members and become a successful SpoonU chapter


Saint Lawrence University Agape

President: Kalani S Zehr


SLU Club Soccer

Presidents: August R Vitzthum and Conrad L Sloand

To improve the ability of individual members through focus on fundamentals, fitness, and cooperative play.To create a fun and competitive soccer environment for non-varsity members.To cultivate amicable relationships with fellow peers and other college communities through competitive play.


SLU Club Running

President: Landon C Urzetta

The purpose of this club is to get together with other people and go for runs, stretch, do running focused strengthening exercises, and discuss healthy living.  This club is for students of all running abilities and has a flexible schedule for club members.


SLU Club Volleyball

President: Grace Harkins


SLU Hunting and Fishing Club

President: Stoddard K Rowley

Bring together supporters of the outdoors to share knowledge, stories, and go on hunting and fishing trips.


SLU Men’s Rugby Club

President: Hunter T Scott

Our mission is to conduct safe and competitive participation in the sport of rugby at St. Lawrence University. At the same time, we hope to help our players develop character, to promote excellence on and off the field and to foster a sense of community amongst our teammates. We also hope to foster a strong relationship with the St. Lawrence community. Finally, we hope to provide a positive experience for our members.


SLU Women’s Rugby Club

President: Anna M Castilleja

Our mission is to conduct fun, safe, and competitive participation in the game of rugby for new and former players.

We hope to provide a supportive environment for all members, promote excellence in academics, have a strong involvement with the community, and develop the values of World Rugby in our players.

Above all, we hope to provide a positive experience that members will be able to recall for the rest of their life.


Stand By Me

President: Ryan J Carson

The purposes of the organization is to serve as:

1.     A group of students who are dedicated to informing members of the St. Lawrence community on how to be an active bystander.

2.     Dedicated to creating a safer campus environment for all members of the SLU community.


3.     Give performances and presentations around campus during important events like orientation, Teal Week/Purple Week, and at club/sports meetings.

4.     Continue to focus on working with other organizations on campus with similar missions to enhance awareness within the campus community.

5.     Maintain a positive role in the St. Lawrence community.


Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

President: Jessica L Potter


Swing Dance Club

Presidents: Nicole E Panek, Paige M Currie, Scott M Garrison

To teach swing dance and keep the style going even in the North Country.


Table Top Games Club

President: Quinlan P Ashmore



Presidents: Josephine Brown and Maria Denisse Jimenez Malespin

Establish an annual TEDx link between students and administration on the creation of the event.


The barista

President: Cheyenne K McQuian

The Barista hopes to bring people together with the common interest of sober living. This club also hopes to promote a healthier lifestyle and party choices.  St Lawrence is a wonderful campus, and this club hopes to keep it that way. If you support a sober lifestyle or even support safe drinking, this is the place to be.


The Campus Kitchen at SLU

President: Alison M Pilcher

-Strengthen Bodies by using existing resources to meet hunger and nutritional needs in our community;

-Empower Minds by providing leadership and service learning opportunities to students, and educational benefits to adults, seniors, children, and families in need

-Build Communities by fostering a new generation of community-minded adults through resourceful and mutually beneficial partnerships among students, social service agencies, businesses and schools.


The Finer Things Cheese and Turophile Society

President: Kylie B Clancey

We of the Finer Things Cheese and Turophile Society seek to promote community both on and off campus, good conversation both about things that matter and things that don't, food justice and local artisan farm products, as well as good food, live music and all the things we too frequently miss in our hurried campus lives.

The Gridiron (Yearbook)

President: Sydney S Mitchell


The Hub

President: Guinevere R Gilman

The Hub is an open community for those with a common interest in alternative or “nerd” based culture, as well as those interested and willing to learn more. As a club, we host a variety of events with the goal of bringing together St. Lawrence students and the greater Canton community. The Hub supports various tastes and interests that span the breadth of technological and socially dictated “nerd” culture. In doing this, we create a comfortable and supportive community as an alternative to the mainstream dormitory lifestyle. This year, The Hub was able to reach out into the Canton community through a variety of events including a Haunted House and a Gaming Tournament.  In the next year, The Hub strives to increase its presence on the St. Lawrence campus and Canton community as well as network with other local colleges. The Hub was able to attend an event at Clarkson this year, and we hope to make it a more frequent occurrence. Within the next two years, The Hub hopes to move onto greater and larger projects to further support the community and increase our publicity. Through our events, we would like to provide our members opportunities to express their passions and for other members of the campus community to learn more about "nerd" culture, breaking their preconceived notions.


The Laurentian Magazine

President: Robert W Burke


The Newman Club

President: Sarah N Campbell

To foster the Catholic faith among local college students through service, fellowship, and spiritual opportunities.


The Underground Journal

President: Josephine F Brown




The Up-Beats

Presidents: Margaret-Theresa K Ingraham and Blake M Small

1) To perform and practice outstanding a Capella music for the enjoyment of the group, the St. Lawrence University community and the Canton community

2) To provide an outlet for musically inclined students to perform without the necessity of music theory knowledge

3) To enhance the music knowledge of the members of the group

4) To be performing ambassadors for the university

5) To offer the opportunity to people of all genders to sing a Capella together



Ultimate Frisbee Club (Ruckus Bus)

Presidents: Nicholas R Lynn and Matthew S Bitzer


Women's Bible Study

President: Elyssa K Connolly

Women's Bible Study hopes to foster a close-knit community of women who will encourage each other spiritually on campus.


Women’s Hockey Club

President: Eliza B Potter


Wood Carving Club

President: Erin E Fitzgerald

To teach basic woodcarving skills and spark an interest in the craft or just give people the chance to try a new hobby. We hope to foster a relaxing and creative atmosphere in a unique north country way!


World of Change St Lawrence

President: Frederic E Short

World of Change: St. Lawrence educates students on the socioeconomic hardships faced throughout St. Lawrence Country while giving them the opportunity to give back. We strive to make philanthropy accessible to everyone on campus by donating 100% of the funds we raise and providing weekly volunteer opportunities at GardenShare, Boys and Girls Club of Ogdensburg, Canton Head Start, and various other organizations.


Young Americans For Liberty

President: Spencer M Carr

The mission of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle." Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.