2014 Pi Mu Epsilon Interscholastic Mathematics Contest Results

The 70th Annual Interscholastic Mathematics Contest was held April 9, 2014. Forty-four students from eleven high schools attended.

First Individual Prize - Gold Medal
Ben Miller - Potsdam

Second Individual Prize - Silver Medal
Nathan Gingrich - Potsdam

Third Individual Prize - Bronze Medal
Andrew Jenkins - Colton-Pierrepont

First Team Prize - Pi Mu Epsilon Interscholastic Cup
Keith Bollt, Nathan Gingrich, Ben Miller - Potsdam

Highest Ranking Senior - Robert G. Cromie Scholarship (up to $5,000 per year at St. Lawrence University)
Ben Miller -  Potsdam

Seniors Rank 2-3 (Alternate Scholarship Winners)
Nathan Gingrich - Potsdam
Andrew Jenkins - Colton-Pierrepont

Highest Ranking Nonseniors - Pi Mu Epsilon Scholarships
Connor Fulk - Norwood-Norfolk (up to $5,000 per year at SLU)
Keith Bollt - Potsdam (up to $3,000 per year at SLU)
Mary Young - Madrid-Waddington (up to $2,000 per year at SLU)

Highest Ranking Team Member
Zach Barnes - Canton
Andrew Jenkins - Colton-Pierrepont
Courtney Bombard - Franklin Academy
Spencer Knowles - Gouverneur
Scarlett Cameron - Heuvelton
Mary Young - Madrid-Waddington
Jesse Lawrence - Massena
Robert Bendt - Norwood-Norfolk
Ben Miller - Potsdam
Joseph Smith - St. Lawrence Central
Kevin Susice - St. Regis Falls

Top Ten Individuals
1. Ben Miller Potsdam
2. Nathan Gingrich Potsdam
3. Andrew Jenkins Colton Pierrepont
4. Robert Bendt Norwood-Norfolk
5. Scarlett Cameron Heuvelton
6. Noah Whalen Colton-Pierrepont
6. Bruce Avery Colton-Pierrepont
8. Connor Fulk Norwood-Norfolk
9. Keith Bollt Potsdam
10. Mary Young Madrid-Waddington

Top Teams
1. Potsdam
2. Colton-Pierrepont
3. Massena, Heuvelton (tie)