SLU: Engaging the Community in Healthy Living 

Special Note: Mask Required.

Community Mentor: Hope Olson,

Agency and Placement Location:  On Campus

Transportation: N/A

Mission: Work in conjunction with a SLU professor to plan community activities that promote health, science literacy, and well-being.  Students will plan engaging activities to bring to local schools, public libraries, group homes, and the North Country Children’s Museum.  Some of these projects will be used for the Pre-Health Alternative Spring Break trip, others will be offered to the Canton Community in their public library or outside in the park. 


  • Plan and submit a budget for community service, science and health education projects that can be implemented in the local community
  • Gather information about local resources to distribute at local churches or community events
  • Enhance the Pre-Health program website by adding information about additional health careers

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