Completing the Create Print Request form Instructions

Steps for completing the Create Print Request form:

    a.Select “Wide Format Printing” under Printing Type

    b.Enter the name of your file “studentnameCBLFestival.pdf” 

    c.Select “Special Event” under Payment Method.

    d.Select “Other”, and enter " CBLFestival

    e.In the Delivery field, select “Pickup”.

    f.In the Pickup Location, select the location you want to pick up the poster. Location options are “Office Services”.

    g.In the “Date Needed” field, enter the date you want to pick up your poster[such as December 9, 2019]

    h.In the “Submission Type” field, select “File Upload” and attach your PDF to the print request form. 

    i.In the “Number of Copies” field, enter the number of copies[1].

    j.In the “Paper Type” field, select “Bond (Regular Paper).”

    k.In the “Color Handling” field, select “Print in Color

    l.In the “Wide Format Size” field, select 36" x 48".

    m.In the “Details” section, enter your Faculty Member’s name

Submit your poster no later than Thursday, December 5 by 8:30am.  You will receive an email when the poster is done with details on where to pick it up on or before (day, date).  Pick up is at:

       Office Services in Vilas Hall, room G5. Hours 8am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday

Posters may take up to 4 business days to be printed, so plan ahead. Any questions regarding printing, please contact Office Services at 315-229-5891 or .

More Information for campus poster printing, please go here: Poster Printing