The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence New York (Community Arts)

The Arc Jefferson-Community Arts
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Community Mentor: Ali Nye;

Agency and Placement Location: 1942 Old DeKalb Road, Suite 1, Canton, NY 13617 

Transportation: Need Own Transportation, this means that CBL did not automatically reserve a SLU vehicle. Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to access available resources to secure transportation. In these cases, a placement site is considered within walking/biking distance, or is within five miles of campus. Here are some alternative transportation options to consider: use a personal car that you are an insured driver for, walk, or bike. In some cases, it is possible to reserve a university vehicle from the regular fleet. *Contingent on its availability, students may also be able to reserve the CBL van. In order to utilize this form of transportation, students MUST complete SLU's Driver Certification training. The CBL office does not endorse the idea of students carpooling in personal vehicles. It is especially important that students understand the risks associated with carpooling. Carpooling should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted; when carpooling is necessary, both the driver and any riders must complete transportation waivers.

Mission: According to their website: "St. Lawrence NYSARC exists as a non-profit membership association to provide services in the community for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Our mission is to offer individuals and their families an opportunity to achieve self-determined goals. All services strive to promote choices intended to meet each person's therapeutic, residential, and employment needs and interests. This Agency is committed to providing lifelong opportunities that enhance the individuality, inclusion, independence, and personal growth of individuals receiving services."


  • Community Arts Program
  • Bridges: Cooking Club for Kids: Tuesday; 3:30pm-5:30pm. Location: 9  Commerce Lane. Focus: skills-building; hand-on activities, and creating meals.

Agency Requirements:

  • Volunteer Application
  • ***Drug Screen
  • Background Check
  • PPD
  • Fingerprinting